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Dog Throwing Up Yellow Foam: Should You Be Concerned?

This is often due to a change in diet or eating too fast. 

However, frequent vomiting or yellow foam can indicate an underlying problem.

All dog owners have witnessed their beloved pet vomiting. 

When I first got my dog, seeing her vomit was very concerning. 

So I set out to learn more about why this was happening and whether I should be worried.

Vomiting is a common occurrence when you first get a dog. 

This is often due to a change in diet or eating too fast. 

Spacing my dogs' meals and reducing portion sizes helped me eliminate this issue.

However, frequent vomiting or yellow foam can indicate an underlying problem. 

Keep reading to learn why dogs vomit and how you can help your sweet doggo.

Why Dogs Vomit and Should You Be Concerned

Why Dogs Vomit and Should You Be Concerned

Vomiting is often the result of your dog eating something it simply shouldn't eat. 

Keep an eye on your dog to prevent this from happening. 

You can also use home remedies to help alleviate this problem. 

Vomiting on its own is not a significant concern. 

But combined with other symptoms, it could signal a severe underlying condition. 

Be on the lookout for:

  • Diarrhea
  • Decreased energy levels
  • Nausea and lack of appetite
  • Blood in the vomit
  • Abnormal drinking and urination

If you see these symptoms or your dog is frequently vomiting, you should contact your vet immediately.

Dog Throwing Up Yellow Foam_ Should You Be Concerned

Why is My Dog Throwing Up Yellow Foam?

Sometimes your dog may vomit yellow foam. This yellow foam gets its color from bile which is a digestive fluid. 

Yellow foam indicates that the stomach is empty and the bile buildup is causing problems.

Bile is present in most mammals and gives feces its yellow color. 

It is stored in the gallbladder and helps in the digestion of fats. 

While an empty stomach is the most common cause of yellow vomit, other factors can also be responsible. 

Diet Lacking Fiber

Your dog should always get a healthy and balanced diet. A lack of fiber or excess fat in your dog's diet may cause yellow vomit. We recommend easy-to-digest homemade dog food if your dog is prone to digestive issues.

You should always feed your dog on a fixed schedule. An empty stomach can easily cause yellow vomit when your dog is expecting food. Change up the portion sizes and feed your dog small but frequent meals. 

Eating or drinking too fast is not ideal either. 

Not only is choking a significant concern, but your dog can have digestive issues resulting in vomiting. 

If your dog isn't slowing down, try using a slow feeding bowl and a shallow container for water. 

Eating grass

Every dog owner has seen their pet eat grass just to throw up afterward. There is no consensus in the scientific community on why dogs do this. One theory is that dogs know that grass will make them vomit and eat it when they have an upset stomach.

You should always discourage your dog from eating grass. 

The grass is often treated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

These can make your dog extremely sick.

Allergies and Medication

Allergies and Medication

Food allergies are a common cause of excessive vomiting. 

Even if you've been feeding your dog the same diet for years, allergies can develop at any point in your dog's life. 

If you see symptoms such as skin irritation and excessive itching, then allergies are likely the culprit.

The most common food allergies in dogs are chicken and wheat. 

We advise that you switch from commercial to homemade dog food with limited ingredients. 

This will help you narrow down exactly what your dog is allergic to. 

Certain medications can also cause yellow vomiting. 

You should discuss this with your vet to rule out the possibility.

dog throwing up yellow foam Bilious vomiting syndrome

Bilious vomiting syndrome

Bilious vomiting syndrome (BVS) is a rare condition that causes excessive vomiting of bile. 

If your dog throws up yellow foam frequently in the morning, BVS may be the cause. 

Feeding your dog more frequently or late at night can help if your dog has BVS. 

Talk to a veterinarian about the symptoms to get a proper diagnosis.

Heatstroke and Car Sickness

Dehydration can lead to vomiting and is common during summers. 

Always give your dog plenty of water and never leave them in the car alone! 

Just like humans, canines can also have motion sicknesses. 

This is usually due to an empty stomach and a rather bumpy car ride. 

If your dog is vomiting in the car, you should not take them with you. 


Another cause of yellow vomiting is pancreatitis. It is the inflammation of the pancreas due to excessive fats in the dog's diet. 

If your dog has diarrhea or abdominal pain, then pancreatitis is the culprit. 

Visit your veterinarian immediately if you spot these symptoms.

Blockage in the Intestines

Suppose your dog has ingested non-food items, then it's no wonder why vomiting is the result. 

Dogs occasionally chow down on rocks, towels, socks, and other unusual items. 

Naturally, the body tries to expel these items with vomiting.

However, this may not resolve on its own. You must visit the vet if you notice your dog eating something unusual. 

A stomach pump may be required to eliminate the foreign object in extreme cases.

Dog Throwing Up Yellow Foam: Summary

You should not worry if your dog vomits once in a while. 

This is entirely normal, especially when you first get a dog. 

Ensure a healthy diet and proper hydration. If vomiting persists, you should take your dog to the vet.

Similarly, occasionally throwing up yellow foam is not a significant concern. 

Keep an eye on your dog to ensure they do not eat anything it shouldn't. 

Be on the lookout for other symptoms, such as diarrhea and lethargy.

Dogs are intelligent and will let you know if something is wrong. 

Never ignore behavioral changes exhibited by your dog. 

Let us know which of our tips helped your dog in the comments below.

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