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Doga is Making Working Out A Lot More Fun

Doga is Making Working Out A Lot More Fun
Photo: Theo Cohen

What could possibly be more entertaining than mixing dogs with yoga? The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about doga is that it’s actually the dogs doing the moves. As neat as that would be, it’s not the case. Doga is simply the practice of yoga while your dog is in the room absorbing the energy and taking part occasionally.

Yoga has been around for centuries, and there are many different hybrid trends and styles of the exercise. Doga is taking off in a lot of areas and has recently become extremely popular with pet lovers. Dog owners find it to be an exceptional and relaxing experience that helps them bond with their pet in a unique way.

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Many of the traditional yoga poses are the same in doga, with some slight modifications, and your canine companion is incorporated into many of them. The practice focuses on meditation, stretching, and dog massage.

Doga is Making Working Out A Lot More Fun
Photo: Theo Cohen

Typically during a doga class you will try to work as one unit with your pet. You will help your pet facilitate different poses and sometimes you may use him as an instrument or prop to perfect your pose.

Although it isn’t the most traditional way of exercising with your pet, doga has numerous benefits for you and your dog including:

  • Making you both feel at ease
  • Growing and fostering your relationship
  • Allowing you to gain a better handle on your dog
  • Very beneficial for both people and dogs that have suffered injuries
  • Both become more calm and relaxed
  • Great exercise for obese and elderly dogs

Much like any other fad, not everyone sees doga as a good practice. Some people in the yoga community say that it takes away from the participant’s concentration and have labeled it as inappropriate.

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Likewise, some dog organizations are warning dog owners about practicing doga because it may physically harm the dog. Unlike people, dogs cannot say when enough is enough and these organizations are worried that without proper teaching the dog may get injured.

Although doga is taking off right now, it still isn’t available in a lot of areas. If it’s not offered in your city yet, consider purchasing a doga book or DVD set to exercise with your pet at home. If you’d prefer to take a class, try talking to a local yoga studio about starting a doga class.

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