Over 400 dogs rescued from graveyard ensenada shelter in Mexico
Credits: Animal Pad Rescue | CBS8 San Diego

A local shelter works around the clock to save hundreds of dogs in devastating conditions from an Ensenada shelter in Baja California, Mexico.

Animal Pad Rescue, based in La Mesa, San Diego CA, was shocked to find out more than 400 dogs in a shelter that looks like a “graveyard.”

Malnourished, really awful conditions, really sad conditions,” Animal Pad Rescue co-director of events Michelle May said in an interview with CBS8 San Diego.

The La Mesa-based shelter took more than 70 dogs for immediate medical attention.

There's parts of it that look like a graveyard. There are bones and dead dogs in bags. Starving to death…,” said Julie Brow, also a co-director of events of the shelter.

The rescue group revealed they cut ties with the Ensenada shelter a few years ago.

Animal Pad Rescued 400 dogs in dire conditions from Ensenada shelter
Credits: CBS8

“…she had the money and resources to make a difference but selfishly spent the money on herself.” 

Sadly, we felt like we were abandoning the dogs there, but no matter how much we would help, due to the owner's greed, nothing was making a difference,” said Brow.

The Mexican government has shut down the Ensenada shelter, and Animal Pad Rescue now takes custody of the dogs.

Unfortunately, their La Mesa facility is beyond capacity and asks the public’s help to find these dogs a foster home.

We, as a rescue, do cover everything when you foster. We pay for all the supplies. We give you all the food and everything you need. You just supply a safe, loving home,” Brow said.

The rescue group is also looking for local shelters to help them pull the dogs out of their awful conditions.

If you want to foster or send donations to Animal Pad Rescue, you can reach them here.


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