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Dr. Harvey’s Provides Pet Parents with High-Quality Food

Dr. Harvey's Provides Pet Parents with High-Quality Food
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It’s common to hear now, but 30 years ago most pet owners had never even thought about feeding their animals an all-natural diet. It was back then that Dr. Harvey Cohen, a lifelong animal lover and successful nutritionist, realized that something was significantly wrong with the pet industry. Even more shockingly, no one was trying to fix it.

The significant problem was that pet food manufacturers were more concerned with making a profit than they were with the health and nutrition of the animals that they were feeding. Dr. Harvey was shocked when he began researching the importance of a healthy diet for companion animals. He found that the foods that we feed our pets are directly correlated to their health.

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In the 1980’s his idea of an all-natural diet for pets was a joke to many and only taken seriously by very few in the pet industry. His challenge was to find a solution that would prove his research to be true. That’s when he began to create his own dog food formula that would be natural, preservative and chemical free, and healthy.

Dr. Harvey's Provides Pet Parents with High-Quality Food
Photo: drharveys.com

As the first manufacturer to produce companion animal food in the ultra-natural category, the team at Dr. Harvey’s has dedicated themselves to improving the health of the animals that their food feeds. Now, 30 years later, the company has an extensive line of all-natural foods, herbal supplements, treats, and herbal grooming aids for cats, dogs, horses, and birds. Their products contain no added preservatives, chemicals, no coloring agents or synthetic additives.

Dr. Harvey’s uses no processed ingredients, and all of their products are produced in the United States. Their foods have helped animals suffering with skin allergies, kidney and liver problems, cancer, chronic digestive issues, chronic diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, bad breath and more.

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The company is family owned and operated, and they pride themselves on providing their customers with the absolute best customer service possible. Their dog food line uses only 100 percent human grade ingredients and includes their popular “Canine Health – The Miracle Dog Food” and “Oracle” formulas.

Their newest dog food formula is called “Veg-to-Bowl” and it is a grain-free pre-mix of nine different vegetables and herbs that owners can mix with water, oil, and a protein source to create a balanced and complete meal. They also offer “Veg-to-Bowl Ground” for smaller breeds and dogs with oral health issues that have a hard time chewing.

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