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Entrepreneur Created a Dog Supplement to Save Her Pet’s Life

Entrepreneur Created a Supplement to Save Her Dog's Life
Photo: komonews.com

One Seattle resident has put her cooking skills to good use for the canines in her community. Dog owners in the area are already seeing the amazing health benefits that her dog supplements are having on the pets. Kelley Marian, owner of Green Juju Kitchen, started her journey by saving her own dog’s life, and now she’s hoping to do the same thing for pups everywhere.

Marian’s story begins two years ago when her treasured yellow Labrador retriever, Bailey, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Bailey was only given seven months to live. At the time Marian ran a dog walking business and was devastated when she received the news.

She began researching and learning everything she could about dog nutrition and holistic remedies for dogs. It was then that she realized that dogs are actually not carnivores, but omnivores by nature. Because she lives in the city, Marian’s dog didn’t have many opportunities to walk through fields and munch on grass.

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She also discovered that adding whole fruits and vegetables to Bailey’s diet wouldn’t work because dogs don’t have the flat teeth required to grind the vegetables; they end up swallowing them whole and their bodies aren’t able to process all of the essential nutrients that are in them.

Entrepreneur Created a Supplement to Save Her Dog's Life
Photo: komonews.com

Marian made juices for herself and decided to try it out with Bailey. She worked with a canine nutritionist to perfect the recipe. She started with her base mixture of parsley, kale, and dandelion greens and then added natural anti-inflammatories like turmeric and ginger, celery, lemons, zucchini, bone broth, coconut oil.

The supplement seemed to work, and the concept for Green Juju Kitchen was born. Bailey’s cancer stopped spreading, although she unfortunately lost her leg, and now, over a year later, Bailey is a perfect picture of canine health.

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Marian also gave the dog supplement to her other Fido, a little French bulldog, and both of the dogs have been in perfect health since. Both dogs suffered from skin allergies, urinary tract infections, and ear infections in the past, but neither has had any health issues since beginning the supplement.

Once Marian began telling her friends about the amazing results, they wanted to try it too and the unbelievable outcome has been the same in every case. In fact, things went so well that she sold her dog walking business in January of last year and started producing the supplement as a full-time job.

Her business is steadily growing with over 20 stores in the Seattle area carrying her product. She hopes to expand in Washington and along the West Coast this year. She has also added some seasonal supplements to her line already and produces the basic blend all year round.

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