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Florida Dog Grooming Center Unveils New Monthly Pet Care Club

Florida Grooming Center Unveils New Monthly Care Club
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All dogs need to be groomed, albeit some more than others. No matter what breed a dog is or how low maintenance his coat, all dogs need their nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and occasional baths. One new business opening in Boynton Beach, Florida on September 14th is offering pet parents the option of a monthly care club membership to have their pet’s grooming needs taken care of.

Scenthound hopes to be a convenient and affordable way for dog parents to get the essential care that their pets require. The company’s new, modern “Scenter” is the first location that is specifically designed to offer this innovative new concept. Interested customers can obtain a pre-open discount for a limited time by calling 561-413-5005.

Tim Vogel, Scenthound CEO, says that they are extremely excited to offer pet parents and their pooches in the Boynton Beach area the opportunity to be part of Scenthound’s Monthly Care Club. He says the company’s goal is to educate dog owners on the importance of essential grooming and pet care and to redefine the standard of dog care. They want the new norm to include monthly maintenance for a dog’s coat, skin, nails, ears, and teeth.

Florida Grooming Center Unveils New Monthly Care Club
Photo: petcp.com

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So far they’ve had nearly 500 dogs enroll in the club since its initial introduction in April, and Vogel says the staff is excited to get to know each and every canine. The company’s Essential Care Package will include a conditioning bath, nail trimming, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning; all for one convenient packaged price. This way pet parents can save money, as opposed to having to pay for each service individually at a traditional grooming salon.

The Essential Care Package was specifically designed to address common and preventable issues that affect a dog’s overall health and well-being. It is the signature service offered by Scenthound’s Monthly Care Club. It’s no wonder so many dog owners are already taking advantage of the opportunity. Being part of this club gets your dog all the essential services that he requires, you don’t have to fight with him to groom him at home, and you’ll save money by not having to pay separately for each service.

You know I’m always looking for a great deal, and at just $25 per month for one Essential Care Pack, this is a deal! Think of how much all those treatments would cost at a grooming salon. Well over $50, I’m sure. That’s a savings of more than 50%! On top of that deal customers that purchase the package will also get discounts on all other additional services like blow drying, brushing, flea and tick treatments, and gland care.

Florida Grooming Center Unveils New Monthly Care Club
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There are other packages available as well, including an unlimited monthly plan. If you have a high maintenance dog with oral issues or a breed like Bassett Hounds that have notoriously stinky ears, an unlimited package would probably be well worth the cost. You do have to factor in the time it takes to bring your pet to Scenthound, because the Essential Care Package is a while-you-wait service that is available Monday-Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If you’ve got an extra hour or two a week and you’re looking to save some money, this actually sounds like a pretty good deal. Of course, right now you’d have to live in the Boynton Beach area, but if the trend catches on we may be seeing more of these grooming maintenance clubs popping up in other places around the country too. As Mr. Vogel says, regular maintenance is essential for the comfort and happiness of every dog. It is the first step in preventative care, improves his overall well-being, and can even add to your dog’s longevity. I’d say all of that is worth a lot more than $25 a month.

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