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Frenchie’s Kitchen Releases New Frozen Stews for Dogs

Frenchie's Kitchen Releases New Frozen Stews for Dogs
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Frenchie’s Kitchen had one thing in mind when they dove into the dog food market, and that was providing the healthiest products with the most nutritious ingredients. By their standards, that meant using human grade ingredients in every product they make and processing all their pet food in a USDA Human Food Facility. Now they are adding a new product to their lineup.

In addition to using human grade ingredients and processing all their food in USDA human food facilities, Frenchie’s Kitchen also only uses whole foods in their dog food products. Whole foods are foods that are in their natural state as in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains that have not be processed or refined in any way. Since they are in their natural state, these foods have the highest levels of minerals and vitamins.

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Sara Kuris-Morgan, founder of Frenchie’s Kitchen, introduced the company’s newest product, Tasty Toppers for Dogs, at the Super Zoo pet industry trade show in Las Vegas last month. The response to the product was amazing. Kuris-Morgan says that many dog owners feed their pets a dry kibble diet because it is the most cost-effective option for pet parents. These new toppers can be used as a healthy addition to commercial kibble.

Frenchie's Kitchen Releases New Frozen Stews for Dogs
Photo: prweb.com

Tasty Toppers for Dogs are sold frozen and are available in two varieties: Grain-Free Turkey and Veggies Stew and Chicken and Veggies Stew. Because they are made with all-natural, whole food ingredients, they provide an added boost of natural minerals and vitamins to a canine’s diet without adding many calories. There are no additives or preservatives in the product, which is why they come frozen.

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Frenchie’s Kitchen was started by Kuris-Morgan in 2007 when she began preparing prescription meals in her own kitchen for a holistic veterinarian in her community. Shortly after that the company entered the pet industry on a grander scale with their first gently coked, frozen food brand that was formulated for small and medium breeds.

Kuris-Morgan says that she has seen firsthand the health benefits of whole food nutrition for pets through her work in the holistic veterinary field. She also saw how whole food ingredients changed the health of her own French bulldog, Romeo, and countless other dogs that she made prescription diets for. She says it became very clear to her that dogs need to consume REAL food, not processed kibble.

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