Genius Dog Opens Jammed Door After His Owner Locked Herself Out
Photo: Kaylyn Marie
This yellow Labrador named Sam looked really proud of himself after helping and surprising his owner with some serious skills.

A clever dog came to the rescue of his owner after she accidentally locked herself out of the house. The yellow Labrador named Sam carefully listened as his owner, University of Central Florida student Kaylyn Marie, as she guided him into opening the door for her.

When Kaylyn couldn't push open the sliding door of her house in Orlando, Florida, she realized she was in a fix. A wooden rod from the inside, which secured the door from robbers and potential intruders, fell out of place and thus prevented the sliding door from opening.

Kaylyn does not expect her roommates to be home any time soon. The only being she could rely on was the adorable 8-year-old dog inside the house that could see her from the sliding door's glass. So, Kaylyn prodded Sam to remove the wooden rod that was stuck behind the door, and while she encouraged him, she also took a video of Sam's heroic deed.

So Close!

In the video below, Kaylyn's voice could be clearly heard coaching Sam to remove the rod with his paw. When he couldn't do it, Sam would step away, but Kaylyn would encourage him to keep trying.

Kaylyn said that she really thought Sam wouldn’t be able to figure it out. Sam also appeared to lose interest at one point, in what he likely thought was this pointless game his owner set up for him. After one final attempt, however, Sam was able to pop the rod with his paws and Kaylyn’s voice can be heard loudly squealing with glee in the video.

Who's a Good Boy?

When she was finally in the house, Kaylyn took another video of Sam who was proudly holding the rod in his mouth and swinging it in the air. The student happily remarked that Sam was going to get 10,000 treats as a reward for saving her.

The video of Sam's smart action to help Kaylyn quickly became viral. In just three weeks on Facebook, the video earned 11 million views, 226,000 shares and 173,000 likes from users. People flooded the comments with applause and commendations for the good genius dog Sam.

A Bag Of Tricks

Speaking with, Kaylyn said that she has taught Sam a bag of tricks even before he demonstrated his capabilities and smartness. The Labrador understands commands like shake, lay down, speak and roll over, and he gamely does the tricks for treats.

Kaylyn also wished she could read what was going in her dog's mind while he tried to remove the rod. But seeing the excitement on his face when his owner was finally able to come inside was enough for Kaylyn.

Since becoming popular on the Internet, Kaylyn has created Sam's very own Instagram via @Samthegoodboi.

Highly Trained Yellow Labradors

According to the Labrador experts, yellow Labradors like Sam can become highly trained dogs. Among other colored Labradors, their kind is usually the most preferred breed for Service Dogs and charity work. They are very helpful around people and have nice temperaments. They also have initiative, self-direction and good work ethic hence they are easy to train as working dogs.

Labradors rank as the seventh most intelligent dog breed in the book “The Intelligence of Dogs” by Stanley Coren, a canine psychology professor. Curious by nature, they love to explore scents and sights and might often go on their own and disappear for a while when out on a walk with their owners.

Because of their intelligence, Labradors can be taught to focus on specific tasks through motivation or any stimuli that hold their interest, as Sam has clearly shown.

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