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Gym in a Box for Dogs? It’s Woofonderful!

Gym in a Box for Dogs It's Woofonderful

We humans are always looking for the next fitness craze to melt off those extra pounds, or at least an exercise regime that doesn't bore us to tears…that could be just me, though. But when it comes to our dogs, do we ever think they may be less-than-thrilled with that same ole' walk around the block or yet another game of fetch in the park?

The makers of Blue-9 Pet Products (the Klimb platform) and FitPAws (canine fitness equipment) have come together to change the way we exercise our canine companions with the Canine Gym in a Box. They have incorporated both the benefits of the platform and fitness balls to give our dogs a training program that will not only stimulate their learning processes, but will strengthen their core muscles and coordination skills.

Gym in a Box for Dogs It's Woofonderful
Photo: FitPaws

The Canine Gym in a Box kit comes equipped with the award-winning Klimb that has removable legs. It can be used as a tilting platform, flat with smaller dogs or pups just getting the hang of it all, and even upside down to keep the Balance Peanut steady (inflatable 50 cm, peanut-shaped exercise “ball” also included). In addition, the kit also comes with the K9 Fit Bone that provides a flatter surface for your dog to learn balance and gain flexibility on.

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This kit also comes with a set of four Paw Pads for individual coordination and sensory training. Plus, all this equipment has been designed with dogs in mind, so it is durable and heavy-duty. This easy-to-use equipment is perfect for pups just starting out, rehabilitating dogs after surgery, weight loss or for any pet parent that just wants the benefits of a healthy exercise routine for their beloved fur baby.

And don't worry about getting the Canine Gym in a Box and not knowing how to incorporate it into your dog's life. Blue-9 Pet Products has several training videos right online to help you and your pooch get started on these exercises.

Gym in a Box for Dogs It's Woofonderful
Photo: FitPaws

This brand was launched in 2010, and so far has been a huge success with pet parents that are motivated to keep their dogs healthy, as well as those who want to bond with their dog on a higher level. One-on-one training creates an unbreakable trust with your canine companion.

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If your pooch is a competitive canine that regularly does agility contests, then the Gym in a Box is a must-have. It will improve your dog's reaction and control, increase his trunk and core strength, provide strength for those weak areas and improve balance and proprioception (awareness of the body’s position in space).

It also Increases the range of motion in joints and elongation of the muscles, improves sensory and body awareness, and prevents sports-related injuries.

Fitness should be a regular aspect of every dog's life. It decreases their chances of obesity (and all that brings along with it). Proper fitness also provides your canine with a good mental attitude. By adding these fitness accessories into your dog's daily life, you will be providing him with the best opportunity to learn new skills, as well as supporting his core structure.

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