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12 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

Best Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

We all know that coconut oil is great for us, with many health benefits to enjoy, but did you know that coconut oil is beneficial to dogs, too? Yes, it’s true! It is great for dogs, and when used every day, the health benefits of coconut oil for dogs can be amazing to see.

Of course, the benefits of coconut oil come from the fats that it contains. Coconut oil is largely made up of fats, in fact, it is 90% fat. Coconut oil is a saturated fat and has been classed as a super food.

Now, I bet I know what you’re thinking: “I thought fats were bad for us?” Well, when it comes to coconut oil, the answer is no. Coconut oil is amazing, and the health benefits are incredible and not just for us, but for our four legged friends too.

Moreover, there a many scientific studies with dogs on coconut oil showing how it positively affects their health, skin, behavior and other aspects of a dog's general well-being.

When you provide your dog with coconut oil, you really are helping him to thrive. It can have positive effects on his entire body – inside and out. Dosing requirements are based on your dog's size, so do some research or check with your vet before adding this helpful substance to his diet.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

1. Great for your dog’s skin and coat

Coconut oil greatly improves the condition of your dog’s skin and coat, and if he suffers from allergies, eczema, flea allergies, itchy skin or contact dermatitis then coconut oil is a must for your dog. Coconut oil will improve and clear up these skin conditions that cause your dog so much distress.

Coconut oil will help to make your dog’s coat shine with health, so if he has a dull coat, give coconut oil a try. It really does make a dry coat become sleek and glossy. Your dog's coat health is directly related to the health of skin.

They go hand-in-hand. One of the many health benefits of coconut oil for dogs is that it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, which will have positive effects on the appearance of your dog's coat.

2. Coconut oil is the perfect emollient

Speaking of skin health, coconut oil is a fantastic emollient (non-cosmetic moisturizer). This means that if your dog suffers from dry skin, it will be greatly improved and moisturized by adding coconut oil to his diet. Even dogs with the driest skin will benefit from using coconut oil.

Try rubbing some coconut oil into your dog’s nails to keep them healthy and strong.

You can add it to your dog’s food or you can add it to his shampoo. Some dogs will even eat it right off a spoon or you can just add some drops into the bath when you groom your pet at home. Try applying coconut oil directly to your dog’s skin once a week. This will make a huge difference to the condition of your dog’s skin and also to the nails.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs3. Coconut oil helps heal skin conditions

Dogs love their walks and other exercise activities, but sometimes they come home with skin issues.

They may have cuts, hot spots, wounds, stings or bites. Coconut oil will help all of these skin irritations, as it will helps to promote healing when applied directly to your dog’s skin.

4. Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties

Possibly the best health benefits of coconut oil for dogs is that it contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. This means odor will be reduced (if that’s an issue), and the antibacterial properties will prevent bacteria from building.

Instead of the stinky odor associated with bacterial and fungal infections, coconut oil has an amazing smell that’s fresh and tropical, which will make your dog smell delightful.

5. Coconut oil prevents yeast infections

Coconut oil will also treat and prevent yeast infections, and this includes candida. Thanks to the antiviral agents that are found in coconut oil, dog’s that have kennel cough can recover more quickly. Coconut oil also eliminates hairballs, which can make your dog cough.

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6. Coconut oil aids digestion

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for DogsCoconut oil is great for your dog’s digestion. It not only improves the digestion process, it also improves nutrient absorption. If your pet suffers from certain digestive disorders like colitis or inflammatory bowel syndrome, then coconut oil really will help.

Watch out though, as it can cause your dog’s stools to become looser. If this does happen, don’t worry! All you have to do is provide your dog with some canned pumpkin, as this will help to firm up his stools. By doing this Fido can still get all the health benefits of coconut oil for dogs, just without the loose stools.

7. Coconut oil prevents bad breath

If your dog suffers from bad breath then coconut oil is great. It reduces and can even prevent bad breath. You can even brush your dog’s teeth in coconut oil. Coconut oil tastes great, so it really does make sense to brush your dog’s teeth with it. This method will give your pooch the maximum oral health benefits of coconut oil for dogs.

If you currently have trouble brushing your dog’s teeth, try coconut oil! The taste may entice your dog to be more pleasant during brushing.

8. Coconut oil prevents many diseases

Absolutely one of the most amazing health benefits of coconut oil for dogs is that it has the ability to help prevent diseases like diabetes in your dog. Coconut oil can prevent diabetes as it regulates and balances your dog’s insulin levels.

However it’s not only good for preventing diabetes, coconut oil is used for thyroid function too. It will help to prevent infections, and also, coconut oil reduces the risk of heart disease.

9. Controls your dog’s weight and helps stiff joints

Coconut oil can help control your dog’s weight, as it increases energy levels. If your dog suffers from stiff joints, arthritis or other joint issues coconut oil really will help with that too.

Many pet parents prefer the use of natural remedies over prescription medications, so why not try the health benefits of coconut oil for dogs before giving your pet a prescription treatment for arthritis?

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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs10. Promotes brain health

Coconut oil is excellent for your dog’s brain. Humans use coconut oil to keep dementia away, and it’s the same for our dogs. If you have a dog that’s getting older, try using coconut oil. It really will help to keep your dog’s brain functioning as it should.

11. Great as an ear wash

The health benefits of coconut oil for dogs can also be seen in their ears. Coconut oil can also be used as an ear wash. Once a week wash out your pt's ears with the oil. This will help to improve and even prevent ear infections that cause dogs a great deal of distress.

12. Perfect for weepy eye stains

Coconut oil is great for removing tear stains too! This is a problem that many dog owners struggle with. Many products that you find in pet stores to remove tear stains contain harsh chemicals that you don't want to put near your dog's eyes. Coconut oil gives you a natural way to remove the stains that is safe and effective.

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