Hero Dog Saves Cat Stuck Inside A Storm Drain
Photo: Town of Auburn, Massachusetts
When dog Aaron insisted that his owner take a look at something he sensed, Cynthia was surprised to find a cat trying to wiggle his way out of the tube.

A dog named Aaron has lived 11 years as a good pet for his owner, Cynthia Kingdon. One day the canine proved just how valuable he can be when he saved the life of a cat stuck inside a drain.

Aaron and Cynthia were out for their usual walk around the neighborhood in Auburn, Massachusetts. Suddenly, something alerted Aaron and he stopped in his tracks as he tried to tell his owner what he sensed.

A dog named Aaron who saved a cat
Photo: Cynthia Kingdon

The dog insisted that there was something in the storm drain and he wouldn't leave no matter how many times Cynthia told him to start walking. It was quite unusual because good boy Aaron was always obedient to Cynthia’s commands.

His owner realized that he wouldn’t leave until she checked it out herself.

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His Name Is Wiggles

Cynthia could not believe what she found. Ten feet below the storm drain was a caramel colored cat stuck in the tube. Aaron’s human called the police, which in turn also alerted animal control. Other people started gathering around them to try and help and one neighbor recognized the cat in a flyer put up by its owner.

Apparently, his name is Wiggles and he has been missing close to 10 days. Thankfully, it did not take long for animal control to pull Wiggles out of the drain and he’s now safely back with his owners.

Why Do Cats Love Storm Drains?

Wiggles is one of several cats that have been stuck in storm drains. Animal experts at the University of Georgia told NPR that at least 44% of cats love to roam, explore and hunt because they are curious by nature. Storm drains are some of their favorite places because that's where rats hole up as well.

A stuck cat that was saved dog Aaron
Photo: Town of Auburn, Massachusetts

The experts suggest for cat owners to supervise their feline's time outdoors if they love to hunt. They usually show this behavior during warmer seasons. In the colder seasons, cats can freeze to death inside storm drains, too. So, it’s probably safer to keep them indoors or provide an outdoor space at home with a secure enclosure.

Storm drains post plenty of risks, aside from the fact that it can suffocate a cat to death. Untreated and polluted water pass through these tubes. It’s a source of virus or bacteria that can make your cat sick.

He's A Smart Boy

Meanwhile, Cynthia said that Wiggles looked like he lost a few pounds and would have died from starvation if Aaron hadn't sensed the cat. Naturally, the dog owner is proud of Aaron for saving the cat. She said that the dog is one smart boy for insisting to her to take a look at the drain.

Aaron the dog looking for a stuck cat
Photo: Town of Auburn, Massachusetts

Grateful for the rescue, Wiggles owners sent Aaron and Cynthia a “thank you” card.

 A Dog's Sixth Sense

It’s unclear what breed Aaron is, as Cynthia adopted him from a shelter years ago. Regardless of breed, however, a dog's sixth sense is legendary. They can sense an impending earthquake, a coming storm, or a potential danger. Dogs can also detect human conditions, such as a seizure or a pregnant woman who is about to go into labor.

An expert explained via Psychology Today that it's likely because dogs can hear sounds in high frequency better than humans. Dr. Stanley Coren wrote that because dogs have smaller heads, they are more sensitive to these sounds.

A cat in a crate after rescue operation
Photo: Town of Auburn, Massachusetts

Dogs noses are also sensitive. They can smell odor concentrations a hundred times better than humans because they have at least 300 million olfactory receptors. Canines also have a vomeronasal organ that's missing in humans. It allows them to detect chemical releases from other animals.

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