Hilton Couple Fined For Breeding Dogs Without License
Credits: South Derbyshire District Council

A couple in Sutton Lane, Hilton in Derbyshire, pleaded guilty and was fined more than £24,000 for breeding dogs without a license at their home.

Unlicensed breeders Shaun and Susan Hunt were sentenced at Derby Magistrates’ Court on June 26, 2023, despite having been warned by South Derbyshire District Council in July 2019.

Authorities found 19 dogs and 2 litters of puppies housed in inappropriate living conditions during a search in November 2021.

Shaun and Susan Hunt, aged 63 and 55, had been warned a few years ago to stop breeding dogs.

They were also advised to take necessary measures to provide a more conducive environment for the animals.

But despite the warning, the couple continued to operate and sell litters of puppies.

The Hunt couple was each fined £10,000 and ordered to pay a £1,000 victim surcharge, including a £1,089.85 prosecution costs.

South Derbyshire District Councillor Stephen Taylor said, “This sentence sends out a strong message – if you're breeding dogs or thinking of doing so, please check all the relevant legislation first.”


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