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Homemade Fidget Spinner for Dogs

Keeping your dog’s brain healthy is just as important as keeping her body healthy. It is essential to interact with your dog and provide her with stimulating toys and games that will challenge her mind and foster her natural instincts. Puzzle toys are a great way to test your dog’s mental abilities, and this homemade fidget spinner for dogs will challenge even the cleverest pup.

In the beginning your dog may have a little trouble getting used to puzzle toys, but with your encouragement she will be nosing this toy around in no time. Interactive toys like this are a wonderful way to give your pet something to do while you’re out of the house or preoccupied and can’t give her the attention she needs.

Studies have shown that playing with a toy that makes a dog think and use abilities that she already has in a new way will tire her out as much as a walk around the block! Think about what your dog would say if she were asking you for a new toy. She'd probably tell you that she wanted something fun that would peak her interest, right?

Homemade Fidget Spinner for Dogs

fidget spinner for dogsAs you can see in the photo above, this fidget spinner for dogs is made with an empty bottle, a piece of string and some dog treats. All you have to do is squeeze the sides of the bottle together and poke a hole all the way through.

Run the string through the bottle, and tie each end of the string to a kitchen chair or other suitable item that is heavy enough to support the weight and located at nose-level for your dog. Fill the bottle with 1″-2″ of kibble or small treats. Make sure the treats can easily fit through the bottle opening.

Your dog will have to nose the bottle around until it swings upside down and spills a few pieces of food. You may have to show your dog what to do at first, but if he's food motivated he will quickly figure it out on his own.

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Homemade Fidget Spinner for Dogs

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