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TOP #116: How Getting Rid of Mice and Insects Could Poison Dogs

Rodenticides and insecticides are among most common household toxins that poison dogs. Insect and rodent poisons can be just as toxic to dogs as they are to pests. Their active ingredients include anticoagulants, which can prevent a dog's blood from clotting, Cholecalciferol, which can lead to kidney failure, and Bromethalin, that can cause tremors, seizures and paralysis in dogs.

March was Pet Poison Prevention Awareness month, with Poison Prevention Week spanning from March 14th to 21st. We are responsible for protecting our dogs, so as we gear up for spring, we must pick pest prevention that doesn’t put pets in a harm’s way.

For today's podcast episode, I interviewed Kari Warberg Block from EarthKind. The company makes plant-based, poison-free pest prevention. Their products are eco-friendly and safe for use around dogs. Kari talked about the dangers of chemical-heavy products and their effects on your dog. She discussed what you do if your pooch is poisoned, and how to keep our dogs safe from harmful toxins.

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