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How Much to Tip a Dog Sitter?


Pet sitting seems like a logical profession for anyone that loves animals. Some people think that dog sitting and dog walking are easy jobs, but there is a lot more to this than you may think. If your pet sitter takes exceptional care of your pets, should you tip them? How much to tip a dog sitter for a job well-done?

Your pet sitter is there when you need them. You can trust them to care for your dog in the same way that you do. They'll follow lists, do everything as you request and sometimes they even go above and beyond your requirements. If you use their services frequently, your dog walker/sitter will probably grow to love your pooch like their own.

Pet sitters charge you a fee which you discuss ahead of time, but is that good enough? The short answer is no. Most sitters do not receive 100% of that money. If they work for a dog walking agency, they probably only receive a small percentage of the rate that you pay.

If a dog sitter work for themselves, there are overhead costs that they will need to pay. Either way, your pet sitter only gets to pocket a fraction of the rate that you are charged for their services. Just like with many other hospitality and service providers, showing your appreciation by tipping your pet sitter is the least you can do.

How Much to Tip a Dog Sitter?

How Much To Tip A Dog Sitter?First off, let me say that I am not a pet sitter. However, I do use a dog sitter regularly for my pups. I always tip my sitter to show him how much I appreciate his services. After all, he makes sure that all of my animals have the love, attention and care that they deserve when I'm not at home.

With that being said, not all dog walkers/sitters will do a great job. So if you are using a new pet sitter and you're not satisfied with their work, obviously there is no need to leave an additional tip.

The question is how much to tip a dog sitter for a good job. In our podcast episode about dog walking, it's been recommended to tip about 15% of their pet sitting fee. So on a flat $50 bill, the dog sitter's tip would be approximately $7.50 gratuity.

But, I would also add this: tip what you can afford. If, for example, 15% doesn't fit in your budget, leave whatever you can afford. Some people prefer to leave a flat fee tip each time they hire a dog sitter. For example, you may feel comfortable leaving a $5 tip no matter what the pet sitter's rate is.

When it comes right down to it, your pet sitter will appreciate whatever tip you can afford to leave. Tipping is a great way to ensure that your dog sitter will take good care of you and your pet in the future. When the dog walker feels appreciated, they'll likely provide an even better service in the future.

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