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How Much to Tip for Dog Services [Infographic]

In the pet service industry, particularly when it comes to dog groomers, sitters, and trainers, tipping is still unclear to most dog owners.

It's a grey area where most will have to ask their friends and family what they usually do.

Do you tip a dog groomer or trainer, or will this person be offended? What about veterinarians, do we have to tip them?

After some research, below is what the general consensus seems to be among dog service providers and pet owners alike.

Note that for most dog services (other than dog grooming), professionals do not expect a tip, but most dog owners tip them anyway, making it a standard.

How Much to Tip for Dog Services

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How Much to Tip for Dog Services?

Here are the five most popular dog services that every pet owner will likely use at one point or another, reasons for tipping people (if needed) providing these doggy services, and how much is usually acceptable.

How much to tip a dog groomer?

Should you tip them? Yes

Reasons to tip them:

  • They don’t get the full fee as they rarely own the store or salon.
  • They often go the extra mile by performing other free-of-charge services.
  • They provide advice about your pet’s health and appearance.
  • They pay close attention to all the details and your requests.
  • It helps you to develop a good long-term relationship with your pet’s groomer.

How much? 15% to 20% or $5 to $10 flat

The percentage should increase if:

  • Holiday season
  • Urgent session/groomer worked on a day off
  • The groomer performed additional services for free
  • Your pet is extremely difficult to handle
  • Your pet is overweight or otherwise hard to groom
  • Your pet smells bad, is extra dirty, or hasn’t been groomed for a long time.

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How much to tip dog walkers?

Should you tip them? Yes (but often not expected)

Reasons to tip them:

  • They often perform extra services while walking the dogs.
  • They may teach your dog different tricks and commands.
  • They may train your dog to walk on a leash without pulling.

How much? 10% to 20% or $5 to $20 flat (A yearly bonus should also be considered for long-term walkers)

This percentage should increase if:

  • You normally arrive later than expected.
  • Your dog is extremely lazy and difficult to encourage to walk.
  • Your dog is extremely difficult to handle or is aggressive.
  • Dog walker spends extra time or put more effort because of your fault.
  • Dog walker gives your dog medicine (your request) or provides special care.
  • Dog walker always answers your urgent calls.
  • Dog walker is working during the holiday season.
  • Dog walker takes your dog to the groomer or veterinarian.

How much to tip dog trainers?

Should you tip them? Not required (up to you)

Reasons to tip them:

  • Dog trainers may go above and beyond your expectations while training your dog.
  • Dog trainers may provide you with advice and tricks for how to train your dog yourself.
  • Dog trainers may accomplish everything faster than you expected.
  • Your dog may be very difficult to train or is very aggressive.

How much? 10% to 15% (The tip can also be in the form of a gift card or a “thank you” basket)

This percentage should increase if:

  • The training session takes place at your house (upon your request).
  • If it was a private dog training session that's usually not offered.
  • If a dog trainer provided additional equipment or more training than expected.
  • If your dog has bitten the trainer or otherwise complicated the matters.

How much to tip veterinarians?

Should you tip them? No

Reasons not to tip them:

  • They might be offended.
  • They often own the practice.

* (A yearly “thank you” gift is a good way to show your appreciation)

How much to tip dog sitters?

Should you tip them? Yes (but often not expected)

Reasons to tip them:

  • Dog sitters often call you to report your dog’s status a few times.
  • Dog sitters usually perform extra services while caring for the dog.
  • Dog sitters often try hard to ensure your dog is comfortable and entertained.

How much? 10% to 20% or $5 to $20 flat (A yearly bonus should also be considered for long-term walkers)

This percentage should increase if:

  • Dog sitter groomed and washed your dog.
  • Your dog had diarrhea or any other major problems that inconvenienced the sitter.
  • Your dog has bitten the sitter.
  • It’s a holiday season.
  • Dog sitter responded to your urgent call.
  • It was an unusually long pet-sitting period.

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