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TOP #76: How to Adopt from the ASPCA and How to Help If You Can’t Adopt


If you're an animal lover, you're likely familiar with ASPCA – an organization that helps pets and their owners all over the world. However, several people have brought up the fact that it's often difficult to adopt pets through ASPCA. So for today's podcast I decided to touch on this topic, explain why it's actually easy to work with ASPCA and other things you can do to help animals in need if you can't adopt one.

I'm joined by Rena, a director of an adoption center at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who's here to provide insight into the adoption process at the non-profit organization and her day-to-day dealings working at ASPCA. Rena also gives us some helpful tips on pet ownership, how to help rescue organizations and more. Tune in!

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