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TOP #102: How to Calm Your Dog’s Anxiety

Dealing with a dog with anxiety problems can be a struggle for even the most experienced pet owners. Whether it’s separation anxiety, noise aversion (fireworks, thunder), anxiety about car rides or anything else, it’s important that you find the best way to help your pooch deal with this issue. From over-the-counter treatments to home remedies, there are dozens of ways to treat dog anxiety. But, which option is best for your furry companion?

In today's podcast episode, I speak with Dr Lisa Radosta, DVM of Florida Veterinary Behavior Service. She is also an animal behaviorist at Purina. Here, Lisa provides her best tips and tricks for dealing with canine anxiety, and she also discusses Purina’s new supplement that is specifically designed to help dogs who are struggling with anxiety problems.

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Podcast - How to Calm Your Dog's Anxiety

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