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How To Make A Dog Harness

If you're looking for a cheap alternative to a traditional harness, a DIY option is an affordable option. Learning how to make a dog harness can be difficult if you don't have sewing skills. You probably have all of the supplies that you need to make this harness, and it can be created in just a few seconds!

This is a no-pull harness. This type is a bit different than a regular harness, and it is a better choice if you have a dog who likes to pull on his harness or collar when out for a walk. Commercial no-pull harnesses can be a hassle, because they tend to be bulky and take a few minutes to put on your pup.

Luckily for you, I know how to make a dog harness that will be a good alternative to commercial options. As long as you leave a carabiner clip attached to your dog's collar, you'll have all the supplies to learn how to make a dog harness whenever you need one.

How To Make A Dog Harness

how to make a dog harnessFor this DIY dog harness you will need:

      • A dog leash made of soft material (6 feet or longer)
      • A dog collar

First, attach the carabiner clip to the collar ring. Then, put the collar on your dog. The clip should be on his back, in the center, right between the shoulder blades.

Clip the leash to the ring of the collar as you always do and wrap the lead around your dog’s chest, right behind his front legs. Thread the leash through the clip. The leash will tighten around your dog's torso if he pulls, which will quickly redirect him to walk slower.

Using this no-pull harness should not be a substitute for proper training. Also, if your dog is uncomfortable with this harness or pulls so hard that he risks hurting himself, you will need to find a commercial product that will meet his needs.

Make sure that you use a soft leash to prevent chafing behind your dog’s legs. Also, the clip you use has to have a weight limit that can handle your dog’s weight or it could snap when you least expect it.

This is an extremely easy DIY dog harness project, but it's not the best choice for every dog and every situation. If you're looking for a more traditional, padded dog harness, you'll have to hone your sewing skills.

This video shows the steps to make a dog harness out of fleece:

…and this one goes through the step-by-step process of making a DIY dog harness from recycled material. In my opinion, the best dog homemade projects are made by upcycling something that you were just going to throw away.

Whichever option you choose, you will be able to create a cool DIY project that you can use with your pup everyday. Ensure that the harness you make is safe and comfortable to use before going on a long walk. I recommend giving it a test run around your house just to be sure it's a good fit for your pet.

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