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TOP #121: How to Speak Dog


Do you know if your dogs understand you when you talk to them? Or does your pooch associate the sound you’re making with a certain action? For example, does the dog know what the word-command ‘Sit’ means or does he just associate that sound with the action that you are expecting from your pet?

If your dog actually understood the words that you were using, you wouldn’t need to repetitively train your Fido to perform a trick. Instead, the dog would simply understand what you are expecting and do it. Dogs don’t speak any of human languages, but they have their own “language,” which is based more on actions than sounds.

This leaves us with one major question: how do we communicate effectively with our dogs? I invited a well-known dog trainer Steve Lankfer on my show to help us answer this question. Steve is a professional dog trainer with 30 years of experience, and he works with multiple Humane Society locations, independent ‘no kill' animal shelters and dog daycare businesses.

Steve also travels nationwide doing dog training sessions. He created the Speak Dog! program, a philosophy where dog owners learn the true “language” of canines that includes tone, timing and consistency. He is also the author of “How I Learned to SpeakDog!“, an international best-seller in five dog/pet categories in nine countries.

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