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How to Stop Diarrhea in Dogs Without a Trip to the Vet


If your dog is suffering with a bout of loose stool, learning how to stop diarrhea in dogs can save you a trip to the veterinarian. If your dog often has loose stools, he may have a more serious digestive issue. It's important to take a case of diarrhea seriously and observe your pet closely until his stools begin to harden.

All dogs will have diarrhea from time to time. It is usually the result of a minor stomach upset. It's likely that your dog ate something that didn't agree with him, but it could also be due to an allergic reaction, stress or even a bacterial infection.

Basically, diarrhea is the body’s way to remove toxins and cleanse itself. Before I discuss how to stop diarrhea in dogs, you need to know that diarrhea and loose stool could also be the symptom of a more serious health concern.

how to stop diarrhea in dogsIf this condition is paired with any of these below symptoms:

  • fever
  • bloating
  • lethargy
  • blood in the stool
  • vomiting

…it is best to consult your veterinarian right away. Multiple symptoms is a sure sign that something more serious is going on. If the loose stool has continued for more than 48 hours, you MUST seek veterinary care immediately. Your dog could become dehydrated very quickly if he has diarrhea.

As long as the loose stool isn't accompanied by any other symptoms, you should be able to learn how to stop diarrhea in dogs quickly and safely. Just be sure to observe your dog closely until the stool hardens.

How to Stop Diarrhea in Dogs

how to stop diarrhea in dogsAs I briefly mentioned, it is common for dogs with diarrhea to become dehydrated. Observe your dog for signs of dehydration like decreased urine output, dark urine, urine with a strong odor and lethargy.

If you think that your dog may be dehydrated, check by pinching the skin on the back of his neck. If the skin doesn't return to normal immediately, your dog is dehydrated. If you cannot get your dog to re-hydrate by drinking water on his own, you will need to make an appointment with your vet immediately to have IV fluids administered.

While you should be ensuring that your dog drinks plenty of water, he shouldn't be eating anything for the first 12 hours that he has diarrhea. When learning how to stop diarrhea in dogs, it's important to give the digestive tract a break and allow it to settle before making it process any more food.

The Guide on How to Stop Diarrhea in Dogs Without a Trip to the VetAfter the initial 12 hours, feed your dog a 50/50 mix of boiled boneless chicken and cooked rice (brown or white) until stool consistency returns. Feed about 1/2 cup of this food for every 20 pounds of body weight. You should break the quantity up over 4-6 small meals per day.

If your dog vomits after eating, stop feeding the chicken and rice recipe and seek veterinary care immediately.

Once your dog's stool returns to normal you can resume his regular diet. Try to feed multiple smaller meals at first, to gradually get the digestive system used to regular food again. Remember, if the diarrhea continues for more than 48 hours, seek veterinary care immediately.

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