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New High-Tech Device Makes HUGE Advance in Veterinary Medicine

New High-Tech Device Makes HUGE Advance in Veterinary Medicine

We know technology has skyrocketed over the past decade in human healthcare, but now, thanks to a new device, our dogs will soon have the technology to receive earlier diagnosis of certain oncoming ailments. 

Working with Georgia Tech, AGL Vetrax veterinary medical analytics system, has developed a non-invasive device that will effectively monitor dog's with chronic illnesses (particularly scratching and mobility issues) with a non-invasive collar sensor.

This sensor is designed to keep track of your dog's regular everyday behaviors such as running, jumping and resting. But more importantly, it will also pick up on those slight variances like scratching, excessive drinking and shaking.

In an already compromised pet, these issues could be an early detection of trouble.

These findings will then be wirelessly transmitted back to the Vetrax information cloud. Once here, state-of-the-art behavior classification algorithms have been designed to set baselines for each dog. As soon as an abnormal pattern is detected, an alert goes directly to your vet and staff so they can immediately respond.

New High-Tech Device Makes HUGE Advance in Veterinary Medicine

In addition, the veterinarian will also have the ability to check reports for an individual or group of patients throughout the day. The vet can also make it possible for the pet owner to receive Vetrax alerts.

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This is exciting news for pet parents whose canines need geriatric care, are suffering from obesity or dermatological issues and those that need special postoperative monitoring. No more wondering and worrying – this early detection system will make sure you're notified as soon as there is an issue.

If this technology isn't exciting enough on its own, Vetrax is also thrilled to announce that Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc. is joining forces with this outstanding new project.

The Vetrax/Hill's partnering is sure to be a giant step forward in better serving the nutritional needs of our pets.

Hill's already has the pulse of specialty foods in the therapeutic and prescription arena (as well as others), but with this collaboration between Vetrax, veterinarians and themselves, Hill's feels they will be extraordinarily well-equipped to convert those insights and findings into new and innovative nutritional solutions that will indeed help advance the overall health of our canine companions.

New High-Tech Device Makes HUGE Advance in Veterinary Medicine

Hill's is the perfect company to join in this exciting new mission. Hill's has 75 years of unwavering commitment to pet food and pet care. They are continuously working towards making top quality pet products that will give our dogs a happier, healthier life. This is all good news for us pet parents as it means less time spent at the vet and less worrying.

Vetrax is truly an innovation like no other and is now in its test-phase with select veterinary practices. Once these test-runs are finished, it will be marketed exclusively to veterinarians and is expected to become more widely available to clinics later this year.

Hill's will also be anxiously awaiting the findings so they can get to work making another top-of-the-line food to better serve those dogs that need it the most. For pets that need a specific diet catered to their needs, this couldn't be better news!

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