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Review: HurriK9 Ring Launcher Dog Toy


If your dog likes to play fetch, this toy is just what you need! The HurriK9 Ring Launcher dog toy can chuck a foam ring up to 100 feet to keep even the most active pups engaged and entertained. Would you believe that this dog toy was designed by a rocket scientist?

When you're shopping for dog toys, it's all about safety and your dog's personal preferences. While some dogs will play with virtually any type of toy, others are very picky. If your dog loves to run and fetch, like my Labrador (Saddie), this toy will take your fetch game up a notch.

HurriK9 Ring LauncherFetch is so much more than just a way to entertain your dog. Playing games like fetch help to burn excess energy, which will ultimately lead to a more relaxed, better-behaving dog. It's also a great way to relax, have fun and foster the bond between you and your canine companion.

Saddie was born to fetch, literally. She is a retriever, so it's in her nature to enjoy running and retrieving. Sometimes I have to force her to take a break from playing fetch when I know she needs to rest. She enjoys the game so much, she won't stop unless I make her!

I don't mind throwing a tennis ball for her, but there are a few drawbacks. For starters, my arm and shoulder get tired after a few big throws. And, even though a tennis ball holds her attention for a while, I can't throw it far enough to really give her a good run. The HurriK9 Ring Launcher fixes both of these problems, and I'm sharing all of the details in the following review.

HurriK9 Ring Launcher Dog Toy Review

HurriK9 Ring LauncherAs you will see in my video review above, Saddie loves this toy! Honestly, I love this toy too! It's so much fun to use, and I love how excited Saddie gets when I take it out to play. Just look at her face in the photo above!

I already mentioned that the HurriK9 can launch a foam ring up to 100 feet, and you can see me demonstrate this in my video. This dog toy was actually designed by a rocket scientist! It's modeled after an airplane wing, which is why it cuts through the air and flies so well.

HurriK9 Ring LauncherThe rings are made of durable EVA foam. They are self-healing and 100% safe and non-toxic for your pup. In my video, you can see our dogs fetch the ring and chew on it for a few minutes. They've actually been playing with that ring for days, and it only shows a few small bite marks and some dirt.

Keep in mind that these rings are made to withstand bite marks, but NOT chewing. You can't leave the rings down for your dog when you're not using them for fetch. If you have multiple dogs as I do, you'll want to supervise them and take the rings away if they start playing tug-of-war with them.

dog toy reviewMy favorite thing about the HurriK9 Ring Launcher is that it can be used indoors or outside. As I demonstrate in my video review if you pull the launcher back all the way it shoots the ring up to 100 feet. However, if you only pull it back 1/4 of the way, it will only shoot about 25 feet. The less you pull it back, the shorter distance it will shoot.

The rings also float on water, which Saddie really enjoys! We've had a lot of fun with the HurriK9 Ring Launcher over the last few weeks. Unless you have mobility or strength issues with your hands/arms, I would recommend this dog toy for any pup that likes to fetch.

You can purchase a launcher with a 6-pack of rings on Amazon for $59.99. It's not the cheapest dog toy out there, but trust me when I say that you will get your money's worth out of the HurriK9 Ring Launcher. The launcher and rings will last a long time, and you'll have just as much fun playing with them as your dog will.

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