Sometimes pet owners are unable to bring their dogs out for longer walks due to bad weather or other conflicts.

When this happens, dogs may develop pent-up energy that makes them hyperactive, which can become a health hazard for the dog and the owner.

How To Tire Out A High Energy Dog

Hyperactive dogs tend to hurt themselves, especially when they get overly excited at home or on the walk.

Here are 12 ways you can exercise your dog, release that pent-up energy, and tire out your hyperactive pup so they can finally give you some peace.

Use Stairs on Your Hyperactive Dog

Use Stairs

If you live in a two-story house, consider using the stairs for the dog's exercise.

This might even be better than a regular walk or run because the steps make the routine more challenging.

To motivate your dog, you might want to guide him with a leash or use his toys to make him go up and down the stairs. Here are more tips on how to train your dog to use stairs quickly. Avoid this with dogs with joint problems, or senior pets.

Different Variations of Fetch

Different Variations of Fetch

Dogs love a good old-fashioned game of fetch and you can do this indoors too by throwing his favorite toy in the hallway and asking him to retrieve it.

Do this several times to help him release his pent-up energy.

If you have a bigger indoor space, you can throw wider so that he's got more area to run. You might even want to play fetch by the stairs for that extra challenge.

Be careful, however, with obstacles while playing fetch indoors.

Make sure the dog isn't fetching heavy items that could cause problems with his legs, suggested experts from Vienna's University of Veterinary Medicine in the BMC Veterinary Research journal.

Use a Treadmill for Dogs

Use a Treadmill

You and your dog can share the treadmill for your daily exercises, or you can buy your pooch his own dog treadmill.

In the beginning, however, your dog might need to learn how to walk on it to give him enough time to get used to the machine.

Keep in mind, however, that dogs must never be left unattended when using the treadmill since their tail could be caught in between cords.

If you have the budget, you can buy a treadmill that has been specifically designed for pets and not humans.

There are plenty of choices online, and vets recommend treadmills to most pet owners.

Train Dogs to Do Doggy Push-ups

Train Dogs to Do “Doggy Push-ups”

Dogs need to work up their leg muscles to keep their balance and gait inline, so train them to do “doggy push-ups” with an easy trick.

As one of the more advanced tricks, this movement entails repeating the commands “sit” and “down.”

If the dog hasn't tried this before, use a treat to motivate him to learn what these commands mean.

Play Tug-of-war

Play Tug-of-war

A game of tug-of-war can be fun for your dog despite a common misconception that it could make them aggressive.

Experts learned in a study published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science that dogs wouldn’t become predatory if the owner initiates the tug-of-war.

Pet owners also have to make sure they are always in control of the game so that no accidents can happen.

Play only if you’ve taught the dog to release a toy on command.

Repeat the process of tug-of-war until he becomes weary and tired from pulling.

You may also mix this up with a game of fetch or push-ups.

Set an Indoor Obstacle Course

Set an Indoor Obstacle Course

Not everyone can afford an agility course since they're usually quite expensive. But, do you have boxes lying around?

Don't throw these out just yet.

Instead, use it to make an indoor obstacle course for your dogs to play with.

Carefully plan where you'll place the boxes inside your house or apartment to guarantee that no one gets hurt.

An obstacle course trains dogs to be agile but also challenges them mentally.

12 Unique Ways to Tire Out a Hyperactive Dog

Use a Hula-hoop (or a Tire)

Teach your dogs to jump into a hula-hoop (or an old tire).

But before you get to this part, you have to train the dog to be familiar with the hula hoop or other equipment; he has to learn to walk through it first.

You can motivate him to move by giving treats. When he knows to walk through it, slowly raise the hoop one inch at a time.

Command him to jump until he gets the hang of it.

Use Light Activated Dog Toys

Use Light Activated Toys

You may have seen dogs in YouTube videos going crazy chasing after laser lights.

Dogs, with their curious nature, won't hesitate to run after this, which might work to disperse their energy.

However, animal behaviorist Nicholas Dodman recommended letting dogs chase after light-activated toys instead of a laser.

They need to get a tangible reward so that the act of chasing won't become a behavioral problem.

Play Hide and Seek

Play Hide and Seek

Like children, dogs love a game of hide and seek and the best part is they don't mind being the “it” all the time.

Simply slip behind a door, or a large piece of furniture, or get inside a closet.

Call out the dog’s name and wait until he comes looking for you.

Make a big fuss about it when he finds you or give him a treat.

Repeat the game as necessary as possible.

Play Cups with Dogs

Play Cups

Hide a treat under one cup in full view of your dog.

Switch it up and allow him to find the treat by guiding him to knock down the cup.

When your dog gets used to the game, adding a few more cups can make it more challenging.

This exercise will help stimulate his mind and put his nose to work.

If playing often, use low-calorie treats to avoid overfeeding your pooch.

Blow Bubbles

Blow Bubbles

This kids' toy also works great on dogs, but if you don't have one, you can make a bubble mixture using a cup of dish soap, 1/4 cup of corn syrup, and six cups of water.

Let the mixture sit overnight so your dog can have bigger bubbles to jump or chase after.

You can also find specialty bubble solutions online that are made just for dogs.

These come with fun scents like bacon or peanut butter to awaken his sense of smell.

Play Puzzle Dog Games

Play Puzzle Games

Puzzle toys are the easiest and most effective tools to tire out dogs when they can't have their daily walk.

Kong, Barnacle, Atomic Treat, and Magic Mushroom are reliable choices, and you can purchase these at large online stores.

How To Tire Out A High Energy Dog: Final Thoughts

Dogs that aren’t hyperactive are easier to manage and look after.

But now you know how to tire out a high energy dog and a dog that isn't!

By balancing your pet’s physical and mental exercises daily, you can be certain that he’ll stay relaxed for the rest of the day, even when you’re just indoors.

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