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The HurriK9 is What Happens When a Physicist Develops a Dog Toy

John Hunter used to be a physicist. Then he dabbled in space exploration and solar airplanes. Obviously, he loves to make things fly. Why not pair that love with another adoration – dogs? He set out to build the world’s greatest flying dog toy, and that’s exactly what the HurriK9 is!

The HurriK9 is What Happens When a Physicist Develops a Dog Toy
Photo: HurriK9

This is the world’s first gravity defying dog toy that launches a ring 100-feet through the air. Hunter built the rings using the aerodynamic principles used to construct airplane wings. The launches works like a sling shot to propel the rings through the air.

It didn’t start out as a dog toy, but during a product test his daughter’s dog began chasing after the rings and fetching them. It didn’t take long before Hunter realized that this could be a really successful product for dogs. Since then, he’s tested the toy on dozen of breeds from large breeds like boxers and pit bulls to small dogs like poodles and Maltese.

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The HurriK9 is What Happens When a Physicist Develops a Dog Toy
Photo: HurriK9

The response has been so great that Hunter decided to start a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the money to manufacture and market the HurriK9. The products and materials have been tested by a 3rd party testing laboratory to see if they meet children’s toy standards. Hunter chose to these children’s toy standards because they are much more stringent than the guidelines for pet toys.

All the tests were passed! The rings are made of very durable ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. It’s the same material that Croc shoes are made from. Not only are the rings durable, but they are also gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. The material also has some self-healing properties that allow it to last a long time even though it’s being carried in your dog’s mouth.

Hunter says that you will see teeth puncture marks in the foam, but pet owners will be impressed with how quickly the rings heal and how well they keep their shape and continue to fly. If you have space inside, you can even use the HurriK9 indoors!

If you only use about 20% strength pullback it will only travel about 20 feet. You can easily control how far it flies!

The rings float as well, so you can use them in pools, lakes or ponds. Hunter says the rings have even been tested with a Labrador who competes in dock jumping competitions, and he loved jumping for the rings in the pool. They’ve also been tested at the beach and in a river.

If you’ve got a large or extra-large breed dog that loves to run, you can also try the Moonshot. It’s about 150% bigger than the HurriK9 and launches larger rings. The Moonshot can send rings flying for more than 100 yards!

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The HurriK9 should be available to consumers this summer, but the Moonshot won’t be in stores until late 2016 or early 2017. The best part is that this dog toy is fun and easy for anyone to use. Of course, very small children wouldn’t be able to pull the launcher back, but it’s probably doable for children over 5 or 6 years old.

The HurriK9 is What Happens When a Physicist Develops a Dog Toy
Photo: HurriK9

The HurriK9 is sure to be a hit with dog owners. It’s fun and easy to use. The product’s Kickstarter page says that the retail price for the HurriK9 and three rings will be around $50. Although that’s a bit pricey for a dog toy, it’s certainly worth it for the product you’ll receive. It’s affordable for most budgets and will likely last a very long time.

The HurriK9 reached 100% funding on Kicksarter in the first day, and they’ve almost raised 300% of their goal with 19 days left to go. It’s clear that pet parents and experts in the industry are excited about this dog toy, and I am too! Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to review the HurriK9 in the near future and provide you all with more information.

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