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Want To Interact with Your Dog While At Work? A Pet Camera Can Help!

interact with your dog while at work
Photo: Furbo

This new camera allows owners to see, talk and offer treats to their dogs when they are away from home. We all feel guilty for leaving our dogs at home all day while we’re at work, and even worse while we’re away on trips for extended periods of time.

Even when you leave just to take out the garbage and return inside, your dog acts like you’ve been gone for 10 years! It’s tough to imagine how they feel for those 8 hour stretches 5 days a week.

Luckily, new technology is allowing you to not only see what your dog is up to while you’re away, but to interact and give him treats as well! The Furbo Treat Dispensing Camera is a new smart camera that allows owners to see their dogs, talk to them, and even toss treats to them remotely.

Your dog can feel like you’re almost right there at home by hearing your voice and getting treats from you. With HD night vision, it’s also possible to see what your pooch is up to even if it’s dark.

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interact with your dog while at work
Photo: Furbo

Furbo was designed with input from veterinarians and professional trainers. They’ve made sure to help develop a product that will make your canine companion feel a lot less lonely while you’re away traveling or at work.

You can also check in on your dog to observe his behaviors. This will allow you to understand whether he suffers any anxiety and why that might be (for example, during thunderstorms). You can calm your dog by talking, singing, or pressing a button which allows you to toss treats from the camera unit.

interact with your dog while at workAll you have to do is get the Furbo camera, download the app to your phone and sync up. Then you’re ready to see, talk and give treats to your pup! This is an excellent way to maintain interaction with your dog, and can save you money and potential stress on other solutions such as doggy daycare, pet sitters or calming aids.

Your dog will no longer have to stress every time you leave, because now it’s possible to be home without actually being in your home. This device gives dogs access to technology that we humans have, and therefore they get to join us in getting more connected and not having to feel alone.

Our editor had the chance to test and review a Furbo device. Find out all of her thoughts in her detailed review. You can find the video below!

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