Introducing EasyPaw, the World’s First Automatic Paw Washer
Photo: Gosh!

A company in Singapore has created the first-ever automatic paw cleaning mechanism for dog owners. It makes cleaning your pup's paws a breeze! This device allows dogs to put their feet inside and receive a swirling water massage, which removes excess dirt from the paws gently and effectively.

The EasyPaw from Gosh! has a built-in turbo motor which generates water currents. When the feet apply pressure to the bottom, it produces vibrations which have a Jacuzzi-like effect. This, in effect, opens up the fur in the paws and loosens up debris and particles so they come away easily.

It also comes complete with a container which you can use to stash food, treats, or a towel for drying off. Dogs of any size can use the EasyPaw to clean their feet.

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Introducing EasyPaw, the World’s First Automatic Paw Washer
Photo: Gosh!

To operate, all you need to do is push a button and submerge each soiled foot for 5-8 seconds, and the paws are clean before you know it. Afterward, just make sure to dry your dog’s feet with a towel or blow dryer.

EasyPaw works better than pet wipes, and helps you avoid putting shoes or booties on your dog’s feet – this is great, as every dog owner knows that no dog really likes to have shoes on! And now you don’t have to bother cleaning your Fido’s feet after going outside.

EasyPaw is a fun, quick and easy way to clean up your dog’s soiled paws. Pups who demonstrate using the device seem to visibly enjoy the soothing water massage, so training your dog to clean his or her own feet should be a breeze.

Now your pooch can roam the house and get on the furniture without anything being ruined, and you can be spared time and worry. EasyPaw can be purchased online for about $59.00.

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