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9 Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners Love

Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners Love

Are you looking for the best dog tech devices that could help you out as a pet owner?

Let's face it. Dog ownership can be challenging.

But with the help of efficient dog tech devices, it can certainly help your experience and make you enjoy pet ownership even better.

So with that said, we have compiled a list of the best dog tech devices pet owners love!

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9 Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners Love

GPS Microchip

Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners LoveThis dog technology has been around for many years now, and it may be the best dog tech and a most important one for your dog or other pets to have.

GPS microchipping is a process where an identifying integrated circuit chip is implanted into your pet virtually painlessly with a needle.

You will have to take your dog to their veterinarian to have the chip implanted, and there are many options to choose from after you've decided to microchip your pooch.

Microchips for dogs use a similar technology to dog GPS trackers which can be traced using a special radio receiver, and it can tell you where your dog is in the instance that he leaves the yard or become lost for any reason.

Any veterinarian or animal hospital should be able to perform the insertion of a GPS microchip for a small fee and assist you in registering with the microchip company.

Note that microchipping does not replace identification tags on your pet, but provides an extra line of defense should the tags or your dog’s collar falls off.

Most shelters, animal control offices and veterinary clinics have microchip readers, and some law enforcement agencies do as well.

GPS microchipping for dogs is such a valuable technology that many dog training facilities, shelters, and rescue agencies require microchipping before the animals can be adopted.

AugieDog Stool-Tool

Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners LoveThe AugieDog Stool-Tool helps ease the burden of cleaning up the mess your dog leaves behind on walks.

All dog owners hate having to deal with dog waste and clean up after their Fido; however, it is one of those necessary evils of having a canine as your best friend.

Thankfully, some of the best dog techs help to ease this burden.

AugieDog Stool-Tool is considered one of the best dog poop scoopers on the market by many dog owners.

It acts as a vacuum, sucking up the stool and storing it until you return home and can dispose of it properly.

Owners no longer need to use baggies or clean up after their dog using their hands and frowning in the process.

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With the AugieDog Stool-Tool, you never have to bend over or get too close to the disgusting smell of your dog's feces.

The device is equipped with an adjustable telescopic shaft that can be adjusted to fit dog owners of different heights.

The handle has a very comfortable grip, and the Augie Stool-Tool is very ergonomic.

With this dog tech, all dog owners need to do is lower the barrel opening over the feces and press the switch.

Then the vacuum action can be activated by pushing the “Pickup” button that is conveniently located on the underside of the handle.

To dispose of the dog poop, hold the tool over a toilet or waste container and press the “Empty” button. The auger will turn and release the waste. Done.


Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners LoveFitBark is a dog activity tracker that attaches to your pet's collar and allows you to connect to your smartphone to view your dog’s vital signs in real-time.

If you've ever wondered whether your dog is getting enough exercise, or maybe you have a senior dog whose activity you want to actively track to the number, then FitBark is one of the best dog techs for that.

Once you attach the device to your dog's collar, it will begin tracking your Fido's activity immediately, and FitBark even works with any type of dog harness or special dog training collars.

Tracking devices are becoming better and better with more pet tech companies joining the race.

The FitBark dog activity tracker can give you daily health goals for your pet based on your pet's size, weight and eating habits.

The tracking device will also inform you of just how much activity your dog needs every day to stay in the peak of health.

It works with dogs of any size or breed and can fit collars up to 30mm wide.

There are a lot of smart collars around today, but FitBark has established themselves as one of the best dog tech products on the market, and the device has gained popularity among many dog owners over recent years.

It can store up to three weeks of data, and it transfers that data from the device, through the FitBark app, then through your smartphone, and finally into the cloud where that information is stored as soon as it comes into the proximity of the dog owners' iPhone or optional home-base unit.

Power Pet Automatic Pet Door

Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners LovePower Pet Automatic Pet Door is perfect for dog owners whose dogs love to constantly go outside.

Power Pet dog door has been around for a while, and we've even rated it as one of the best dog doors you can purchase online today.

This best dog tech item won't be useful for everybody, and dog owners who can get the most value out of this expensive pet door for dogs are usually those who live in an area with plenty of wildlife, forests, fields outside where dogs can regularly roam freely.

This automatic pet door is electronically locked and reacts only to a sensor that attaches to your pet’s collar, allowing your dog to go in or out as he pleases while keeping other animals out of your house.

The primary worry of many dog owners is that intruders might gain access to their home through this dog door; however, unlike many other doors for pets, you won't have to worry about that with the Power Pet Automatic Pet Door.

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The only time this dog door will open is if the sensor activates it or if you push the activation button located on the inside of the door.

This automatic pet door will let your pooch have access to your house while you're away and will also insulate your home much better than traditional pet doors. They come in many different sizes to fit nearly any house door.


Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners LoveThe Petcube is a small camera that sits on top of any surface and allows you to see what your pooch is up to from anywhere in the world.

Dog owners who find themselves constantly away from home and their pets will be extremely happy with this dog technology which we have previously talked about.

This is a new way for pet parents to communicate with their canines, get to see them, and socialize with them from afar. Petcube's camera connects to your iOS or Android smartphone device through the Petcube App.

We've decided to include this on the list of best dog tech for many reasons.

Not only does Petcube come with the camera so you can see your pet, but it also includes a speaker so that your Fido can hear your voice, and even a laser pointer so you can play a game with your dog while you're away and he's about to experience separation anxiety at home without you.

It’s the perfect way to keep your pooch from getting lonely when there is no one at home to interact or play with him.

Many dogs suffer from one of the most common behavioral problems – separation anxiety, and dog parents can usually notice this from their dog's body language.

The Petcube is a perfect way to help combat this issue that's often dismissed by many.

What a lot of dog owners forget to realize is that separation anxiety is a serious issue for a dog's health, and it's important to be able to check in with your dog a few times a day to help him feel like you're still close by.

This can potentially ease some of the anxiety your Fido is feeling if he can still see you and even play a quick game with you.


Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners LoveThe Pintofeed from Petnet makes for a great companion to your Petcube camera device because it provides a similar function – caring for your dog when you have to be away from home.

Pintofeed has backed on IndieGoGo a few years ago and is now a popular item among dog owners.

It is an automatic pet feeder that dispenses dog food when you tell it to. How do you communicate with the device?

Through an app on your smartphone or other compatible devices, of course!

This automatic dog feeder allows you to manage feeding times, portion sizes, and even how fast the dog food is dispensed for your canine to enjoy. These features all help you manage your dog's weight and keep them in optimal health.

Petnet smart feeder for dogs will even help you save money by controlling the amount of food dispensed, preventing overfeeding of your domesticated animal.

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If you constantly find yourself running late to put out kibble for your dog, or you worry about the timing of your best friend's meals, the Pintofeed will be a perfect lifesaver for you.

This device will send a notification to your smartphone when your dog is fed, so there’s no need to worry whether your pooch is eating when and as he should even while you’re not there.

Petnet's automatic pet feeder can hold up to 10 pounds of dog food which is kept fresh thanks to an airtight seal.

Halo Mini

Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners LoveThe Halo Mini is a very lightweight, cool-looking LED illuminated dog collar that keeps your pet safe at night or in dimly lit areas whenever he's outside.

Halo Mini is yet another best dog tech project that petpreneurs have recently developed as an answer to the pet industry's boom.

The device is perfect for nighttime walks because it allows your dog to be easily seen by you and by drivers on the road, which allows owners and their pets additional freedom and relief of worry.

Halo Mini's rechargeable battery can keep the collar lit for 75 hours after just one charge.

It is lightweight and easily recharged through a USB port, and it's also weather-resistant and reflective around the entire collar, not just a portion of the collar like other similar dog products.

Halo Mini's dog collar is also pretty great for keeping track of your pooch whenever you leave for longer adventures: traveling with your dog, going camping, or hiking with your pet.

Whether you're trying to teach your Fido to walk on a leash or letting him loose in an open area, the Halo Mini will assist you in keeping an eye on the pet at all times.

This dog collar comes in three colors (red, green, and blue) and three sizes ranging from 35cm to 55cm.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine

Best Dog Tech Devices Pet Owners LoveDog owners who are lucky to have dogs with more energy than themselves will find GoDogGo‘s automatic fetch machine an excellent dog product for everyday use.

If we discuss all types of technology for dogs, there's no way we won't mention this dog fetch machine that will keep your pooch busy for hours.

GoDogGo is an automatic game that will throw balls for your dog after the ball has been dropped into the basket at the top of the machine.

It's a never-ending cycle if your dog plays it right, and will keep your pooch entertained for a long time.

GoDogGo fetch machine comes with multiple settings for speed and distance to match your dog's abilities, and it's also equipped with a safety sensor to stop it from throwing shooting a ball if your dog is too close.

If you want to have more input or can’t get your dog to drop the ball into the basket, there’s also a remote so you can control when the device releases a ball.

It's always important to choose the right toys for your dog based on their age, and this one works well for pups of all ages.

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We have previously published a video of a similar device – the iFetch Pet Toy, but the principle is the same.

You can see that it's easy to spend hours watching the dog enjoy himself with a game of fetch while you can relax and be lazy, or you can simply leave it out for your pet to be entertained while you're away.

The Auto-Stop feature keeps the GoDogGo Fetch Machine from running unless a ball is returned to the bucket.

It offers three different time settings and three distance settings so you can customize the machine to meet your canine's needs.

GoPro Dog ActionCam Harnessgopro pet harness

The GoPro ActionCam Harness is a piece of technology that may be more for you than your pet. The GoPro camera attaches to the harness and all tech geeks with dogs will love it.

This is a wearable dog harness while filming everything your pooch does from his point of view throughout the day.

It’s a great way to get unique and interesting videos of a dog's POV while traveling with your dog or going on vacation somewhere, and then edit them into a highlight reel.

This is also how you keep an eye on your pet during the day whenever you need to see what nasty endeavor he's up to at the moment.

The GoPro camera and is designed specifically for active pet parents who enjoy this type of lifestyle. The camera is attached to a dog harness that hooks over and around the dog's torso.

There is a mount for the GoPro camera on the top of the harness to keep the camera higher, which allows the owner to shoot footage at a more favorable angle.

The harness is adjustable but is only suitable for dogs who weigh more than 33 pounds and have a belly circumference of between 20 and 31 inches.

Now if only we can teach dogs to have some skills of a professional cameraman…

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