Home Dog News Is Your Dog One of the Most Important People in Your Life?

Is Your Dog One of the Most Important People in Your Life?

Is Your Dog One of the Most Important People in Your Life
Photo: Daniel Stockman

This news channel’s top story was the heartwarming reuniting of a one-eyed chihuahua visiting his dying owner in the hospital. Could the bond between animals and humans be the next advancement in healthcare? It seems more and more hospitals are adopting policies which allow pets to visit their owners in the hospital.

This man’s wish was to see his best friend Bubba again, and the hospital made an exception so he could meet with his little doggy. The video mentions that at the moment the man saw his dog, he started crying and his emotional well being greatly improved from then on.

The man had been suffering because he missed being able to spend time with his dog. The dog too, had grown a strong attachment to his owner and had stopped eating. The hospital staff was crying when they saw how happy both the dog and the elderly man were by being able to just spend time together.

Is Your Dog One of the Most Important People in Your Life
Photo: Taro the Shiba Inu

Sometimes it is the simple things that can help the most. Both humans and animals have feelings, it’s undeniable. Feelings do play a major part in the overall health and well being of all us.

It seems that there is a trend in hospitals starting to allow pet visitation. Another Canadian hospital is also allowing it. Could this be a turning point for health care? The mind body connection is being more recognized in the healing process as playing a major role and perhaps dogs are just one way nature can help us heal.

The bond between animals and humans is very strong and can make a difference.

Watch the video, and as you look at the touching picture of this tiny dog and his owner, think about your own life. Wouldn’t you want to be able to see all your loved ones if you didn’t know how much time you had left? The hospital staff at this place was willing to bend the rules and grant this man his last wish, wouldn’t it be great if this could be the case for everyone?

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Most hospitals still don’t allow pets, but we believe the tides are turning. As these videos about pets in hospitals have been gaining so much traction online, we see many people want this to become the norm. Viral content is now changing public policies because the issues are able to spread all over the world much faster.

If you believe this could truly help people and dogs, don’t forget to share this. Change is hard but together we can make it happen! This little dog meant the world to his owner and we all know how close we are to our pets. Aren’t you glad this man got to see his dog one last time?

This hospital staff clearly truly cared about their patient and were willing to be open minded about how to help him. Hopefully more hospitals will consider making a pet visitation policy for cases like this.

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