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K9 Nature Supplements Launches a New Website and a New Chewable Supplement

K9 Nature Supplements Launches a New Website
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K9 Nature Supplements, a nationwide company that provides canine healthcare products and supplements, recently announced the launch of their new website. It is the latest venture by the company to help pet owners provide better products for their dogs without spending a lot of money.

Not only can pet owners use the website to peruse and order a variety of products and supplements, but there will also be a lot of great information provided on pet health and how owners can improve their dog’s quality of life. Products from the company can also be ordered on Amazon.

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K9 Nature Supplements only use natural ingredients in the manufacturing of all their products. They only use the highest quality ingredients as well, in order to foster the health of the canines that use their products and also to minimize the chance of side effects. Extensive research goes into the creation of all K9 Nature Supplements products and they perform numerous quality tests as well.

K9 Nature Supplements Launches a New Website
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Back in May, K9 Nature Supplements announced the debut of their newest product, a joint supplement for dogs called Hip & joint Revita Chew. The innovative supplement supports the healing, repair, and strengthening of the cartilage and joint function in canines. These soft chews are made in the USA and feature well-known products like glucosamine, chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane, and fish oil omega-3s DHA and EPA.

The Hip & Joint Revita Soft Chews are specifically designed to provide dogs with greater flexibility as well as stiffness and pain relief. They also help facilitate running, walking, and other important everyday exercises. Depending on the size of the dog, the highly concentrated formula can be given with just one or two soft chews per day. They can even be used as a dog treat.

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Currently the Revita Chew joint supplement is being offered at a 50% discount to promote the launch of the product. It’s regularly priced at $34.99. With its combination of ingredients, it is not only used as a joint supplement, but is also beneficial to a dog’s overall health. The added fish oil keeps a dog’s skin and coat healthy, and many of the other ingredients have added positive health effects as well.

K9 Nature Supplements believes that it is a dog owner’s responsibility to care for their pet’s overall health and well-being. However, that doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. The company focusses on developing quality health supplements at reasonable prices, and their new website is being designed to encompass this mission.

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