Roscoe, a 5-year-old Pitbull mix, is finally back home to his family after being separated for three years.

Peyton Kennedy, an animal rescue worker for All 4 Paws Animal Rescue at Pawleys Island, South California, went to extreme lengths to reunite Roscoe with his owner.

Roscoe was found near Highway 17 with an injured leg.

Photo Joel Vazquez WPDE 2
Photo Credit: Joel Vazquez WPDE 2

Usually, the animal rescue doesn't take in strays, but when Kennedy saw Roscoe, she knew something was different.

He had a chip, so I immediately called the chip company 24PetWatch and they gave me all the info I needed. And I called the phone number and the phone number was disconnected. So, I was like ‘oh no it's a lost cause,” she stated in an interview with ABC affiliate WPDE.

And to make things even harder, the address registered was in West Virginia.

As her final effort, Peyton posted on social media.

“In my heart, I was just like ‘you know what I’m just going to post it to Facebook’ I’m not going to put the name of the dog, the gender, nothing. And two hours later, someone commented ‘oh my gosh, that’s Roscoe. That’s my dog missing from West Virginia'. I was like ‘what’ and they were like ‘he’s been missing for three years,'” she added.

Finally got some luck, Rachel Day was the person who commented on the post. She said Roscoe is her brother Calvin's missing dog. He was last seen while they were on a vacation in Myrtle Beach in September 2020.

According to Day, Roscoe and his brother were very close.

“They were inseparable. Everywhere they went together. It was heartbreaking.” she said.  “He just continued to try and find the dog. He would call me and say ‘can you look on this page on Facebook, can you do this, can you look for him?' And I helped, but I could never find anything.”

Photo by Rachel Day
Photo by Rachel Day

Apparently, when Kennedy called Roscoe's chip company, Calvin got an email informing him that Roscoe had been found. That's when he asked his sister to search more on social media.

Calvin was very surprised to find out that Roscoe was still alive. According to Day, “He said, ‘I never thought I was going to see him again.'”

Now, the family is reunited.

“It was a relief, really,” Rachel Day expressed. “We love Roscoe. Everybody loves Roscoe, we’re just so happy that he’s home.”

Roscoe is now back with his family, filled with hugs, kisses, and his favorite treats.


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