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I and Love and You Sells All Natural Pet Care Products

I and Love and You Sells All Natural Pet Care Products
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If you are a Survivor fan, you may know Brendan Synnott from his stint on the show, but if you’re also a pet lover you should get to know him because of the all-natural pet care company that he recently started called I and Love and You. The entrepreneur started the company in 2012 and the products recently hit the shelves of Kroger stores across the country.

Synnott is what some would call a powerhouse entrepreneur. Before starting his latest company, he built and sold a company that manufactured healthy snacks for humans, called Bear Naked. The company was purchased by Kellogg in 2007 for a whopping $60 million.

He has also founded an investment firm, Revelry Brands, and two natural human food businesses, Siggi’s Premium Yogurt and EVOL Frozen Burritos. Apparently all-natural pet care products were the logical next step.

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I and Love and You products all meet rigorous ingredient standards and they are all formulated by holistic veterinarians. It is also a green company, meaning that they are not only good to your dog, but good to the planet as well.

I and Love and You Sells All Natural Pet Care Products
I and love and You

The foods and treats that the company produces are made with select wild-caught, grass-fed, cage-free, and free-range meets that are raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. These products are created in USDA inspected facilities and have minimal processed ingredients which helps preserve the naturally occurring nutrients.

Their foods are made with human-quality ingredients and by-products or rendered meats are never used. They also have a line of nutritional supplements that are made in human-grade, FDA registered facilities as well.

No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavorings are used in the making of any I and Love and You products, and they don’t use additives or fillers either. All their products are soy and corn free as well. Although the company is young, they wanted to start out by going green right from the beginning.

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The entire operation at I and Love and You is wind powered. Better yet, they strive to be a Zero Waste facility. They use recycled office paper, compost their coffee grounds, reuse boxes, and they recycle everything from burned out light bulbs to broken electronics.

They even encourage their employees to take alternative transportation to work by giving them annual eco-passes to catch the bus. They also have a Green Team in the office that educates the company on sustainable and leads them on community projects.

As the company grows they hope to increase their eco-friendliness and aspire to search out the healthiest options for their pet foods and treats. They are also hoping to expand their retail business in the near future.

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