Mason Cash Stoneware Pet Products are Durable and Unique

Ceramic pet food bowls come in a wide variety of designs to match virtually any kitchen or home décor. They are known for coming in a large variation of styles and also for being very easy to clean. Ceramic bowls are generally a great choice for pet dinnerware, but you need to choose wisely. Not all ceramic bowls are intended for food use, and some are coated with glazes containing lead or other harmful chemicals.

Mason Cash is one of the leading ceramic product manufacturers in the world. In fact, they have been the top choice for home cooks, pet owners, and bakers for centuries. The origins of the company can be traced back to a pottery operated at Church Gresley, located in the heart of the English ceramic industry, in 1800.

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Church Gresley was in the ideal location for a pottery manufacturer. It was located close to all the fuel and raw material sources required to make ceramics. It also had great transport links to deliver the finished goods all over the world. The company began with a focus on ceramic products for the kitchen like pudding basins and mixing bowls.

Mason Cash Stoneware Pet Products are Durable and Unique

During the 1800’s, the pottery was run by a series of Master Potters, the most colorful of which was Tom Cash, also known as “Bossy” Mason, for whom the company was named. Cash acquired the pottery in 1901 and renamed it Mason Cash & Co. In the 1940’s they diversified into bowls for pets, which they have now become known for around the world.

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The bowls were made from white and cane glazed earthenware, sometimes referred to as yellow-ware due to the color of the local clay or bargeware because they were packed onto barges to be shipped to market. These materials paired with a classic design are what make the Mason Cash pet bowl line instantly recognizable to pet owners, bakers, and cooks today.

The company’s pet bowl line includes bowls small enough for hamsters to bowls large enough for a Saint Bernard. Each design has been specifically created with a pet’s eating habits in mind. All Mason Cash bowls are durable, practical, and, as long as you buy one that is correctly sized for your pet, difficult to tip over. This means less mess for you and a more pleasant eating experience for your dog.


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