The health food craze isn’t just sweeping the human food industry; it’s sweeping the dog food market as well. Pet parents want top quality food and treats for their beloved canines. They’re starting to feed their pets the same way they feed their human family members – with organic, all-natural products that are free from fillers, preservatives, and additives. Dog food manufacturers are beginning to take notice of this trend, and many of them are beginning to go above and beyond, creating some of the healthiest and most nutritional foods the pet industry has ever seen.

Brothers Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food is one of those companies. The family has owned and operated a dog food store in Florida since 2006. They carried the healthiest and most nutritional dog food available and educated their customers on the importance of top-quality canine nutrition. Despite their constant efforts, the problems with the pet food industry persisted. They continued to see the same health problems in their customers’ dogs time and time again.

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Some of the most common problems they heard about were itching and scratching, licking and chewing of paws, ear infections, hot spots, food allergies, sensitive stomachs, throwing up, recurring diarrhea, joint pain, cloudy eyes, cancer, and diabetes. They decided they needed to do something themselves to change the dog food industry, and that’s what they’ve done with their Brothers Complete pet food line.

This May Just Be the Healthiest Dog Food on the Market

After years of research and running countless elimination diets with hundreds of their customers’ dogs, they’ve come up with an amazing dog food that has shown some astounding positive results in canines. They began by eliminating all grain, sugar, and potato from their recipe. They designed their dry kibble with high levels of protein, over 90% of which is species appropriate animal based protein. They also source all of their ingredients in the United States.

They wanted their food to promote healing and generate a healthy dog both inside and out, so they incorporated advanced nutritional concepts that focused on generating a strong immune system and healing the intestinal tract. Brothers Complete dog food is made in small batches and kept in an air conditioned storage facility to keep it as fresh as possible.

Their food is packaged in top-performing, foil metalized bags made in Washington State by the Pacific Bag Company. These bags prevent moisture migration and light intrusion. They are equipped with a patented one way valve that releases air and minimizes the air exchange to keep the dog food as fresh possible. They even offer a 100 percent, no-hassle guarantee on all their products.

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This is some of the most expensive dog food that I’ve seen. You’ll pay $23.39 for a 5 pound bag, $43.49 for a 10 pound bag, $82.49 for a 25 pound bag, and $310.99 for a 100 pound bag. Even though this food is top quality, that’s a lot of money for dog food! Many pet parents don’t have that kind of money in their dog food budget. If you do, you’ll be hard pressed to find a healthier, more nutritional food for your canine companion.

This family’s experience in the pet food industry showed them the gaps in the quality of the food that we feed our pets, and how poor nutrition is directly related to a dog’s health. It’s great that they decided to do something to fix the issues that they saw; it’s just unfortunate that it has to come with such a steep price tag. Feeding your pet a quality food should certainly be on your priority list, but the price of this food will certainly drive many consumers away.

SOURCEBrothers Complete Ultra Premium Pet Food
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