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Money Saving Secret Revealed About Dogs In Weddings

Money Saving Secret Revealed About Dogs Filming Weddings

Watch this beautiful video of a wedding captured by a couple’s dog! Let’s face it, weddings are expensive, and some of us would love to save money on our own wedding. Here’s a great new idea that this couple came up with to have a dog be their videographer.

The dog was social, so he was able to capture the guests, and his curiosity offered a fun take on an age old tradition. Our dogs are a part of our family and we usually give family members a spot in our wedding. This fun idea of strapping a GoPro camera on your furry friend is not that bad.

I actually like the footage that this couple got from their dog’s point of view. Of course, not everyone has a dog, but at least most of us have friends who do. GoPro cameras are also really high quality and can capture sound exceptionally well too. There are even mounts for your cellphone to record which could save you even more money.

Money Saving Secret Revealed About Dogs Filming Weddings

Most iphones now record in HD. Things to consider would be, who will hold your dog’s leash, how well behaved your pup is and how tall he is. After all, you wouldn’t want a dog that would be catching funny angles when women are wearing dresses!

This couple’s magical wedding was set in the snow out in nature. It was only fitting for a dog to capture their nuptials. But I could also see a dog filming a wedding in a city or church as well.

Look how the video really offers a warm and fun memory for the couple. I like that it’s natural and not completely planned out.

If you don’t want your wedding video or photos looking like everyone else’s, try having a dog film your wedding. If you have friends getting married, maybe suggest this idea to them or show them this video. I know it won’t be an idea that everyone takes to, but I bet that many dog lovers are going to start doing this.

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Money Saving Secret Revealed About Dogs Filming Weddings

We love our dogs and we want them to be a part of these special memories and life events. Who knows maybe dogs will start filming more than just weddings. They could be hired at birthday parties, baby showers, sports events and anything you want to be able to see again. And the coolest thing is, you can pay them in bones and treats.

Just think how much money could be saved if more people started having their dogs film their wedding. Wedding videographers aren’t cheap, and I know that weddings can add stress to a couple. So why not keep it as low stress as possible and keep it fun by giving your dog a new job?

There are actually dog harnesses designed to attach a GoPro to now, so you don’t have to fashion one yourself. What do you think of this idea? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below or see your videos made by dogs if you have them. I love how this brings dogs into the important events of our lives and gives them some recognition.

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