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Sunday’s Recap: Including Your Dog In Your Wedding

Including Your Dog In Your Wedding

Our dogs are part of our family, and we enjoy including them in our special events. Including your dog in your wedding can make your day even more special. For many couples, their pet is their first “baby.” Their wedding day would be much more enjoyable if their furry child was having fun and participating in the big day rather than sitting at home alone or stuck at a kennel.

There are many ways of including your dog in your wedding, but you'll need to choose a way that works for you and your dog. Weddings vary greatly in style and size, which will impact the part your Fido can play in your special day.

You also need to customize your dog's job to match his personality. For example, if your dog is easily overwhelmed, perhaps a small gathering in your backyard would be more appropriate than a large function at a strange venue. If your dog doesn't like to sit still for long periods having him sit in the best man position during the ceremony may not be a great idea.

Including Your Dog In Your Wedding

Including Your Dog In Your Wedding

1. Bridal Guide

If your wedding is going to be in a public venue, the first thing you need to do is make sure that he'll be allowed in. It may sound silly, but the months leading up to a wedding are very stressful and the bride and groom have to-do lists a mile long. Sometimes the most simple things are the easiest to forget, like this article from Bridal Guide suggests.

  • With everything else on your to-do list, it’s easy to forget this simple—yet important—step. You don’t want to show up on the day of your wedding, four-legged ring-bearer in tow, only to be told that he needs to get off the property, stat.

2. Brides.com

This is one of the most popular sites visited by brides-to-be, and for good reason. You'll find all kinds of ideas for any type of wedding that you may be thinking of. This particular article provides 59 ideas for including your pet in your wedding, whether he's a dog or a donkey! If you're looking for a unique idea that your guests will never expect, this is a great place to start.

  • If you and your groom are fans of the less-traditional animal, there's no need to shy away from including them. We've seen couples find unique ways to incorporate baby goats, birds, elephants, horses and even pigs into their special day, making for some incredible photos.

3. Love & Lavender provide style tips

When including your dog in your wedding, you may decide that he needs to dress the part. This is a great idea, and your guests will surely think it's adorable. However, if your dog's outfit doesn't fit properly the day may not be very enjoyable for him. Not to mention, loose clothing can be a safety issue. Follow the tips in this creative blog post to make sure your dog is well-dressed and comfortable.

  • If you plan on dressing your pooch in their Sunday best, make sure that the outfit you choose fits properly. There shouldn’t be a risk of something falling off, which could become a choking hazard for your dog. I suggest picking a bow tie, fancy flower or dressy collar. Also an extremely important fact to investigate: make sure all of your flowers or plants in your wedding decor are not toxic to animals.

4. Rover.com

If you don't have a specific idea of what you would like your dog to do, these ideas from Rover.com may work for your Fido. Just remember to keep your pups personality in mind when including your dog in your wedding.

  • Ideas for involving your dog in the ceremony:
    • Walking down the aisle with a bridesmaid or groomsmen before heeling at their side.
    • Acting as ring bearer
    • Being a doggy flower girl, carrying a basket of pretty petals

5. Something Turquoise

If it's easier for you to scroll through photos to get ideas, this blog post I found on Something Turquoise will give you some great ideas.

  • While it would be such a great memory to have your pet present for your “I Dos,” if that just isn’t possible, there are lots of other ways to pay tribute to your fur children. Here are a few of my favorite, super creative ideas.

6. Junebug Weddings

Once you've decided the role your pet will play in your big day, you need to make sure he'll be as happy and comfortable as possible. We've already discussed his attire, but what about the environment. Your dog will be surrounded by lots of people, many of them strangers, and he'll be in a strange place.

Obviously you can't introduce him to every wedding guest before the big day, but you can introduce him to the venue. As this blog post from Junebug Weddings suggests, it's a good idea to bring your dog to the venue a few times before the big day.

  • Before the wedding day, its a good idea to take your dog to visit the space a day or two ahead of time, so you can both be comfortable with how they will behave there, and check out any foreseeable trouble spots.

7. A Practical Wedding

This is another great blog for all things wedding related. This post discusses all the important aspects you'll need to consider when including your dog in your wedding. The number one thing you should consider if having someone designated to be in charge of your dog at all times.

No matter how well you think you know your dog, he's still a dog and that means he's unpredictable. It would be best to have a friend or family member that knows your dog well keep an eye on him, but if you don't want to inconvenience your guests, you could always consider hiring a pet sitter.

  • People who can act as, essentially, his babysitters. People who can take him out while you’re getting ready, who can bring him back to his designated place if he’s sitting out during the ceremony, who will make sure he’s got water and is fed at the right times. Your attention is going to get pulled in about a hundred different directions on the wedding day, and the list of things you need to do for your pup will only add to that.

8. Zoviti has a very unique idea

If you really want your pet to take center stage, consider this idea written about in a blog post on Zoviti. Why not have a double wedding…with your pet? No, I'm not talking about marrying your canine companion. Let your dog get hitched too! What until you see the adorable pictures!

  • Find your pet a new partner too! Double up the excitement of your wedding, while you tie the knot let your beloved also tie the knot!

9. MyWedding.com clues us in to reality

The sad reality is, not ever dog is cut out to partake in wedding festivities. Puppies may be a little too rowdy to take part in your big day. If you and your partner have a senior dog with low energy, is including your dog in your wedding such a good idea? Or maybe your dog has some behavior issues that count him out as the perfect candidate for your ring bearer.

No matter what the reason, not every dog is going to be able to attend a wedding. If you still want to honor your pet, there are some really fun and elegant ways to do so. MyWedding.com has included some of these ideas in this blog post.

  • If your dogs are the the kind that bark or steal food, consider honoring them at your wedding by including them into your table decor. Pretty black and white photos as table numbers or silhouettes of your childhood pets are a personal and touching way to incorporate your furry friends.
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