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1000 Most Cool Dog Names

You've adopted a dog and it's now time to name your pup. If you're looking for cool dog names, we've got a huge list down below.

But did you know that there's science to naming the dog, and ways to figure out what type of dog name fits your puppy?

Here's what you must know about naming a dog and a list of cool dog names you can use for your new pet.

Cool Dog Names and The Science Behind Picking The Right One

1000 Most Cool Dog Names (male + female)Dog owners will not only want to find and pick cool dog names but they wish for their pups to respond to them, and for those cool dog names to feel appropriate and fit well the characteristics and temperament of the dog.

So is there a way to name your dog more “effectively”?

Turns out that there is, and it's even supported with scientific research.

There's been a 2012 study with scientists studying dogs' understanding of commands and how this can be fit within the “dog naming” framework.

Paired with the 2004 study of dogs' ability to learn words, this provides a better understanding of how our pets perceive their names.

What the researchers of those studies found was that dogs respond to “s” sounds more acutely. On top of that, dogs also had a better response to two-syllable words with hard consonants.

It's because these sounds create more energetic frequencies which attracts the dog's attention, and these hard sounds activate more receptors in dogs' ears.

Researchers have concluded that when looking for cool dog names that will be most effective, using these two rules will provide better results.

A canine behavior expert Laura Waddell further explained in a New York Times interview that picking cool dog names should not determined only by what sounds good to the owner but how well the dog will respond to that name.

She also said that sibilant sounds will likely result in a much poorer response from canines than dog names with hard consonants and sharp sounds.

Laura also confirmed that sticking with two syllable cool dog names will work better than three or more syllable names, which are more difficult for dogs to remember and recognize.

Another thing to consider for choosing cool dog names is to not pick a sound that's similar to anything used in everyday speech.

This is because unintentional overuse of your dog's name (or words that sound similar to your dog's name) will make your pup less likely to respond to his or her name in the future, according to Stanley Coren, PhD.

Experts recommend to pick cool dog names that sound completely unique to the dog.

Finally, a canine scientist Alexandra Horowitz, PhD makes an important note on choosing cool dog names for your pup – pick something that you yourself will be comfortable to say repeatedly and you won't feel the need to shorten it, or change it into a nickname, she told to New York Times.

This goes well with other tips on choosing a dog name: least complicated, two syllables, hard sounds and unique.

Now that you know what makes the best dog name for your pup, here are a thousand cool dog names to choose from for your male dogs and female dogs:

Top 1000 Cool Dog Names: For Boy and Girl 

TOP 500
Male Dog Names
TOP 500
Female Dog Names
AJ Abbey
Abbott Abbie
Abe Abby
Ace Abigail
Aero Ada
Aiden Addie
Albert Addy
Alden Adelaide
Alex Adeline
Alexander Agatha
Alfie Agnes
Alford Alexis
Alistar Alice
Alvin Allie
Amos Alyssa
Andy Amber
Angus Amelia
Apollo Anastasia
Archie Angel
Aries Anna
Arthur Annabell
Artie Annabelle
Ash Annamae
Ashby Anne
Augustus Annie
Austin Arabella
Axel Ariel
Bailey Arlene
Bandit Ashley
Barkley Ashlyn
Barney Aspen
Baron Astrid
Barton Athena
Basil Audra
Baxter Autumn
Bear Ava
Beau Averill
Ben Avery
Benji Baby
Bennett Bailey
Benny Basil
Benson Bea
Bentley Bean
Bernard Beatrice
Bernie Bebe
Bertrand Bella
Billy Belle
Bingo Bernadette
Biscuit Bernice
Blake Bertha
Blaze Bessie
Blue Beth
Bo Betsy
Bodhi Betty
Bodie Beverly
Bogey Bianca
Boomer Billie
Bosco Birdie
Bradford Biscuit
Bradley Blanche
Brady Blondie
Braxton Blossom
Brigham Bonnie
Brock Boo
Broderick Brandi
Brodie Brandy
Brody Brooklyn
Brogan Brownie
Bronson Buffy
Brownie Buttons
Bruce Cali
Bruiser Callie
Bruno Camilla
Brutus Camille
Bubba Candy
Buck Carla
Buddy Carlotta
Buster Carly
Butch Carmela
Buzz Casey
Byron Cassandra
CJ Cassie
Cadence Catherine
Caesar Cecelia
Cain Celeste
Calvin Celia
Captain Chance
Carlton Chanel
Carter Charlie
Casey Charlotte
Cash Chelsea
Casper Cheyenne
Cecil Chloe
Cedric Cinnamon
Champ Claire
Chance Clara
Charley Clarabelle
Charlie Clarissa
Chase Clementine
Chester Cleo
Chewy Coco
Chico Cocoa
Chief Constance
Chip Cookie
Chopper Cora
Clark Coral
Clement Cricket
Clifford Daisy
Clyde Dakota
Coco Dana
Cody Daphne
Colby Darla
Coleman Darlene
Colin Delia
Conrad Delilah
Cooper Destiny
Copper Diamond
Cornelius Diva
Cosmo Dixie
Crawford Dolce
Dakota Dolly
Dallas Dolores
Damien Doris
Dane Dorothea
Daniel Dorothy
Dante Dot
Darius Dottie
Dash Duchess
Davis Dutchess
Davy Eden
Denver Edie
Dexter Edith
Diego Edna
Diesel Effie
Dixon Elaine
Dodge Eleanor
Domingo Eleanora
Donnie Eliza
Dozer Elizabeth
Drew Ella
Dudley Ellamae
Duke Ellie
Duncan Eloise
Dusty Elsa
Dylan Elsie
Earl Emily
Easton Emma
Eddie Emmy
Edger Enid
Edison Esme
Edmund Esmerelda
Edward Estella
Edwin Estelle
Eldon Esther
Eli Ethel
Eliot Etta
Elmer Eudora
Elvis Eva
Emerson Evelyn
Emmett Faith
Emory Fannie
Enzo Fanny
Ernest Felicity
Ernie Fern
Eugene Fiona
Evan Florence
Evander Foxy
Everett Frances
Ezra Frankie
Felix Frida
Felton Gabby
Fenton Gail
Fenway Garnet
Fido Gemma
Finley Geneva
Finn Genevieve
Finnegan Georgetta
Fisher Georgia
Flash Geraldine
Fletcher Gertrude
Forrest Gia
Foster Gidget
Francis Gigi
Frank Ginger
Frankie Gladys
Franklin Gloria
Fred Glynn
Freddy Goldie
Frederick Grace
Freeman Gracelyn
Fritz Gracie
George Greta
Gerald Gretchen
Gilbert Gwendolyn
Gizmo Gypsy
Goose Hailey
Gordie Haley
Grady Hannah
Graham Harley
Griffin Harper
Guinness Harriet
Gunner Hattie
Gus Hazel
Hamilton Hedy
Hank Heidi
Harley Helen
Harold Hershey
Harrison Holly
Harry Honey
Hart Hope
Harvey Ibby
Hawkeye Ida
Hayes Inez
Heath Irene
Hector Iris
Henry Isabella
Herbert Isabelle
Hercules Isadora
Hershey Ivy
Hilton Izzy
Hoover Jackie
Hoss Jacqueline
Huck Jada
Hudson Jade
Hugh Jane
Hugo Jasmine
Hunter Jazzy
Hyatt Jenna
Iggy Jenny
Ike Jersey
Indy Jessie
Ira Jill
Irving Joan
Ivan Jocelyn
Ives Josephine
Jack Josie
Jackson Joy
Jacob Joyce
Jake Judith
James Julia
Jameson Juliana
Jasper Juliet
Jax June
Jefferson Juno
Jesse Kali
Jeter Kallie
Joey Karma
John Kate
Johnny Katherine
Jonas Katie
Joseph Kay
Judge Kaya
Junior Kayla
Kai Kelsey
Kane Khloe
Kendrick Kiki
Kent Kira
King Kitty
Kirby Koko
Kobe Kona
Kody Lacey
Kona Lacy
Lambert Lady
Lance Laila
Lane Lassie
Langston Layla
Lawrence Layne
Lenny Leia
Leo Leila
Leonard Lena
Leroy Leona
Levi Lexi
Lewis Lexie
Liam Libby
Lincoln Liberty
Linus Liesel
Llewellyn Lila
Logan Lilibeth
Loki Lillian
Louie Lilly
Louis Lily
Luca Lizette
Lucas Lizzie
Lucky Lizzy
Luke Lois
Luther Lola
Mac London
Mack Loretta
Maguire Lorraine
Major Louisa
Malcolm Louise
Marley Lucia
Martin Lucille
Marty Lucinda
Mason Lucky
Maverick Lucy
Max Luella
Maximilian Lula
Maximus Lulu
Maxwell Luna
McKinley Mabel
Mercer Mackenzie
Meyer Macy
Michael Maddie
Mickey Maddy
Mikey Madeline
Milburn Madison
Miles Mae
Miller Maggie
Milo Maggie Mae
Milton Maisie
Moe Maisy
Mojo Mamie
Monroe Mandy
Monty Mara
Moose Margaret
Morris Marge
Morton Marianne
Murphy Marilyn
Murray Marjorie
Napoleon Marley
Ned Maryella
Nelson Matilda
Nero Mattie
Newton Maude
Nico Maura
Niles May
Noah Maya
Norm Mazie
Norman Melanie
Norris Melissa
Oakley Melody
Odie Meredith
Odin Mia
Oliver Mika
Ollie Mila
Oreo Miley
Orson Millie
Oscar Mimi
Otis Minnie
Otto Miranda
Overton Missy
Owen Misty
Ozzie Mitzi
Ozzy Mocha
Pablo Mollie
Paco Molly
Park Morgan
Parker Moxie
Parley Muffin
Peanut Murphy
Pepper Mya
Percival Myra
Percy Myrtle
Petey Nala
Phillip Nanette
Pierce Nell
Porter Nellie
Prince Nettie
Quincy Nikki
Quinton Nina
Radar Noel
Ralph Nola
Rambo Nora
Randall Nori
Ranger Norma
Rascal Olive
Raymond Olivia
Rebel Opal
Reed Oreo
Reese Paisley
Reggie Pandora
Remington Paris
Remy Patsy
Reuben Peaches
Rex Peanut
Richard Pearl
Ricky Pebbles
Rider Peggy
Riley Penelope
Ringo Penny
Rio Pepper
Robert Phoebe
Rocco Phyllis
Rocket Piper
Rockwell Pippa
Rocky Pixie
Romeo Polly
Rosco Poppy
Roscoe Posey
Rowdy Precious
Rudolph Princess
Rudy Priscilla
Rufus Prudence
Rupert Pumpkin
Russell Queenie
Rusty Quinn
Ryder Quinnie
Sam Rachel
Sammy Raven
Sampson Rebecca
Samson Reese
Sarge Regina
Saul Rhea
Sawyer Riley
Scooby Rosalie
Scooter Rose
Scout Rosemary
Scrappy Rosie
Seamus Roxie
Sebastian Roxy
Shadow Ruby
Shamus Ruth
Sheldon Sadie
Shelton Sage
Sherman Sally
Sherwood Sam
Sigmund Samantha
Silas Sammie
Simba Sammy
Simon Sandy
Smoky Sara
Snickers Sarah
Snoopy Sasha
Sonny Sassy
Sparky Savannah
Spencer Scarlet
Spike Scarlett
Spot Scout
Stanley Selma
Sterling Shadow
Stetson Sheba
Stewie Shelby
Storm Shiloh
Stuart Shirley
Summer Sierra
Sunny Simba
Sylvan Simon
TJ Sissy
Taco Sky
Tank Skye
Tanner Smokey
Taylor Snickers
Taz Snoopy
Teddy Sofie
Tesla Sonny
Thaddeus Sophia
Theo Sophie
Theodore Sophronia
Thor Sparky
Thornton Spencer
Tiger Spike
Tillman Stanley
Titan Star
Titus Stella
Tobias Sue
Toby Sugar
Todd Suki
Trapper Summer
Tripp Sunny
Tristan Sunshine
Truman Susannah
Tucker Susie
Tyler Sweetie
Tyson Sydney
Ulysses Sylvia
Vaughn Tabitha
Vernon Talia
Victor Tasha
Vince Tess
Vincent Tessa
Vinnie Theresa
Virgil Tillie
Wade Tilly
Wallace Tinkerbell
Wally Tootsie
Walter Trixie
Walton Ursula
Warren Velma
Watson Vera
Weldon Victoria
Wesley Viola
Weston Violet
Wheeler Virgie
William Virginia
Willie Wanda
Willis Waverly
Wilson Willa
Winston Willie Mae
Woody Willow
Wrigley Wilma
Wyatt Winifred
Wylie Winnie
Yogi Xena
Yoshi Yvonne
Yukon Zelda
Zane Ziva
Zeke Zoe
Zeus Zoey
Ziggy Zora

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Latasha Doyle is a writer, wife, and a fur mom living outside of Denver, CO. She has always been an animal lover and adopted her dogs, Clyde and Webster, in 2008. Latasha and her husband also have four cats for a complete and friendly family.