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35 Most Dog-Friendly Offices in the U.S.

More and more companies are making their offices dog-friendly these days. Some of them argue that besides the joy of having pets around there are many other benefits as well. If you’re a dog lover and looking for a job that encourages animal lovers to work in an environment of wagging tails and puppy play-dates, below Top Dog Tips editors have picked this year's 35 most dog-friendly offices in the United States.

Ben & Jerry’s
Photo credit: Ben & Jerry’s

1. Ben & Jerry’s

Founded in 1978 in Burlington Vermont, Ben and Jerry’s began from a mail-correspondence course in ice-cream making and a small ice cream scoop shop. Sold to Unilever in 2000, the Ben and Jerry’s main headquarters are still located in South Burlington, Vermont but these days, their employees also include what they refer to as “K9-5ers”.

The dog-friendly Ben & Jerry’s offices have plenty of treats for their K9-5ers and petting, walks, and cuddles are all part of the average work day at the company offices. You can even see pet portraits of the Ben and Jerry’s office dogs on their k9-5ers profile pages!

2. Amazon

Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon began as a website that focused on selling books. It wasn’t long before the company became an online powerhouse selling anything and everything you can imagine. Today, they are the #1 online retailer of pet products, and the Amazon headquarters in Seattle can have as many as 6,000 dogs hard at work – napping, playing, and assisting their employee-owners.

Dogs on the Amazon campus are allowed to hang out with their parents, but they also have plenty of dog-friendly facilities. One doggy deck even includes a fake fire hydrant, plenty of potty areas, clean-up stations, and doggy water fountains. What we love most about Amazon's dog-friendly work attitude is that the company opened up their very own dog park for employees and community dogs to enjoy!

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Photo credit: Build-A-Bear Workshop

3. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Founded in 1997 in St. Louis, Missouri by Maxine Clark, the Build-A-Bear Workshop was a unique foray into the retail-entertainment business. Build-A-Bear isn’t only obsessed with stuffed animals, though, they give an open invitation to employees dogs at their Missouri headquarters.

Build-A-Bear dogs even have their own chief executive dog named Milford who throws an annual birthday party in celebration of all of the office dogs! Our favorite perk at the company office is their concierge service that transports office dogs to a spa day and day camp experience. It’s not “anything goes” at the B.A.B headquarters, however; all dog parents have to sign an agreement with etiquette rules before their dog can come to work.

4. Etsy

Founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, New York City, by Rob Kalin, the e-commerce business Etsy provides a global marketplace for handmade, vintage, and craft supply products. Since the company was launched, the office has been very dog-friendly and executives have even done studies on just how beneficial having dogs in the office has been for the creativity and stress levels of employees.

Employees at Etsy rave about the flexibility of the work environment, the work-life balance, and the forward motion of the company. While they are less thrilled with the lack of room for promotion and the lack of accountability among managers, the ability to freely bring their pets to work with them seem to keep a lot of people happy and uplifted.

O.H.S.O. Brewery, Distillery, and Restaurant
Photo credit: O.H.S.O. Brewery, Distillery, and Restaurant

5. O.H.S.O. Brewery, Distillery, and Restaurant

O.H.S.O. Brewery, Distillery, and Restaurant have four locations in Arizona and all of these locations feature dog-friendly patios. Locations also offer free dog treats, a burger option for hungry dogs, and “beer taps” that pour water for their dog water bowls.

The walls of each of their office locations have images of their guests and their employees’ dogs and they even hold monthly events where they donate 20 percent of their sales revenue to adoption events and animal shelters.


6. Bissell

Founded in 1876 by Melville Bissell and his wife, Anna, Bissell grew out of a need for a sweeper that could clean sawdust off the Bissell’s crockery shop carpet. Today, 143 years later, the headquarters of the privately-owned Bissell company are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and seventy percent of company employees are pet owners.

Not only are Bissell employees permitted to bring their dogs to work, but in 2011, the company began the Bissell Pet Foundation. The foundation, which supports spay and neuter programs and advocates for pet adoption, and they were able to raise $1 million in 2017 alone!

Inside the company headquarters, dogs are permitted in meetings, offices, and there is even a dog-friendly area specifically for dogs with an open play area, secured kennels with outdoor access, plenty of toys, a dog bath, and, of course, treats.

7. Nestle Purina

With its beginnings in 1894, Purina became Nestle Purina in 2001 when it was acquired by Nestle. Now the largest pet food company in the U.S., employees at Nestle Purina are invited to bring their dogs to work.

Purina employees are offered pet-friendly parking and office facilities (including elevators) and lunchtime in the cafeteria include four-legged employees. N.P. facilities also offer on-site dog parks where office dogs and office employees can mingle.

According to Glassdoor reviews, people rave about the work-life balance, the depth of training they receive, the fun work environment, and the management staff. They are less thrilled about the ongoing budget cuts, lack of direction, and the lack of diversity within the company.

8. Rover

Founded in Seattle in 2011, Rover is a broker company that plays middleman matching pet owners with pet sitters in local communities. Since it’s inception, Rover has grown to offer additional services including dog walking, drop-in checks during the day, and even doggy daycare services.

The offices at Rover offer complimentary dog raincoats and dog treats, and pet parents are even afforded funding to adopt a dog and canine bereavement leave. You can even check out the dogs of Rover for yourself on the Rover Cam!

Employees rave about the emphasis on work-life balance, the office culture, the benefits, and the company commitment to transparency. While some employees are less happy with their level of pay, the fast pace, and the lack of promotional opportunity, the working environment and pet-friendly atmosphere seem to be a huge mood booster.

9. Zynga

Founded in April 2007, Zynga is a social game development company with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. A creative company, it’s no wonder that Zynga embraces dogs in the workplace since multiple studies have shown a direct relationship between being able to bring your dog to work and creative thinking.

Employees at Zynga are offered pet insurance as well as human healthcare, dogs are always welcome to complimentary treats, and the roof of the building even has a dog park to let four-legged employees stretch their legs.

People working at Zynga rave about the benefits, the culture of the company, the free food, and the facilities made available to them. Employees are less happy with the bloated management structure, too much budget scrutiny, an unpredictable workload, and company politics.

10. Google

Founded in 1998, Google is a global technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. Google has become known for their employee perks and their creative workplace setup and that includes dog-friendly facilities.

Canine-parent employees are affectionately referred to as “Dooglers” and dogs that frequent the office are even given their own badges! The company headquarters also have a dog-themed café on campus inspired by a company Leonberger named Yoshka.

Employees rave about the work-life balance, the free food and coffee, the office environment, and the sheer number of perks available to them on-campus. Employees are less thrilled with the inevitability of burn-out with the job, the demand for overtime on some employees, and difficulty with getting promoted.

11. TerraCycle

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, TerraCycle offers multiple free programs funded by corporations and for-purchase recycling solutions for various forms of waste.

TerraCycle has even partnered with pet food companies to promote Terracycle recyclable pet food packaging! Employees at TerraCycle are welcome to bring their dogs to work where they have access to dog-friendly conference rooms and designated doggy spaces outdoor.

Employees rave about the laid-back work environment, the character of other employees, the character of clients, and the encouragement of creativity. They are less thrilled with the long work days, the bad area of town where the office is located, and their lack of equal pay.

12. Fueled

Founded in 2007, Fueled.com is a small technology company that specializes in design and development for mobile and web-based projects. Fueled, headquartered in New York, NY has between 101 and 250 employees and they permit employees to bring their dogs to work every day.

Their offices have a fun and eclectic feel to them but they still incorporate a lot of open space so office pups can make their daily rounds for petting! Employees rave about the office perks, the opportunity for advancement within the company, a great leadership team and the office environment. Employees are less thrilled with their poor compensation, their exploitation as interns, and high employee turnover.

CLIF Bar Company
Photo credit: CLIF Bar Company

13. CLIF Bar & Company

Founded in 1986 in Berkeley, California, Clif Bar & Company is an organic food and drink company that began with the creation of the well-known “Clif Bar”. The company headquarters – currently located in Emeryville, California – are dog-friendly and dogs have access to a large off-leash space.

In addition, employees at Clif are given paid time off when they volunteer for animal-related causes, and they are also offered a pet insurance discount. Employees rave about the premium benefits, the work-life balance, the work culture, and the passion with which the company employees and managers work. Employees are less thrilled with limitations on career growth, a lack of accountability, and poor decision making among management staff.

Photo: Ticketmaster via Instagram/Glassdoor

14. Ticketmaster

Founded in 1976 in Phoenix Arizona, Ticketmaster set up their first operation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The ticket sales company which now has its headquarters in West Hollywood, California, allows employees to bring their dogs to work and they also offer pet parents discounted pet insurance!

Plus, all Ticketmaster headquarters offer these dog-friendly benefits so you can find work all over the nation… or globe! Employees rave about the work-life balance, free event tickets, healthcare, and other benefits. Employees of Ticketmaster are less thrilled with the low pay grade they receive and a lack of manager support.

Photo credit: Zogics

15. Zogics

Founded in 2006 by Paul Leblanc, Zogics is a company focused on providing the best wellness solutions for health, fitness, and hospitality markets. The company was even named to the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America in 2018.

Headquartered in Lenox, Massachusetts, Zogics allows employees to bring their dogs to the office where they can enjoy 15 miles of hiking trails! Zogics employees are also afforded a week of “Pawternity” PTO leave, a lifetime supply of Zogics pet shampoo, and a pet store gift card!

Employees rave about the dynamic work experience, the room for growth, the flexible nature of management and the familiar environment. Employees are less thrilled with the high pressure and high-stress environment of the job and the fast growth can also be intimidating for new employees.

16. Harpoon Brewery

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the Harpoon Brewery was founded in 1986 by Dan Kenary. In addition to being a beer lover, Dan has always been a “dog person” and it didn’t take much to convince him to allow employees to bring their dogs to the office every day. They even hold a dog-friendly “yappy hour” to get everyone’s weekend started off on the right foot!

Employees rave about the fun work environment, the perk of free beer, the comradery of employees, and the opportunity for education in the brewery/restaurant industry. Employees are less than thrilled with the lack of flexibility, the high turnover rate, the low pay, and feeling very overworked.

Photo credit: Salesforce

17. Salesforce

Founded in 1999, Salesforce pioneered the idea of replacing more traditional customer relationship management software with customer relationship management in the cloud. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Salesforce welcomes their employee's four-legged friends in their offices.

Employees are even able to book a “dog room” that has soundproofed walls, water bowls, dog beds, etc. everything needed for a comfortable workday with your dog! Salesforce also provides employees with dog walking, pet supplies, pet insurance discounts, and vet house calls!

Employees rave about the work-life balance at Salesforce as well as the great culture of the company, and the support for volunteer opportunities. Employees are less thrilled with the lack of communication within the company, the number of meetings they are required to attend, and the fast pace of the company which can be difficult to keep up with as a new employee.

18. WorkDay

Founded in March of 2005, Workday creates human resources and finance software solutions. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, the company allows employees at their Pleasanton California, Victoria Canada, and Salt Lake City Utah offices to bring their dogs to work every day.

Among the perks offered to pet parents at Workday, employees are offered financial assistance for pet adoptions! Once a year, employees and their dogs even have a “bring your dog to work day” party celebration!

Employees also rave about the work-life balance, the flexibility of working schedules, and hardworking team members. Employees are less thrilled with being underpaid, limited promotion opportunities, and travel requirements of the job.

19. Petcube

Founded in 2012, Petcube is a company devoted to connecting pets and their people through technology. Headquartered in San Francisco, Petcube allows employees to bring their dogs into the office every day and they even allow dogs to attend corporate functions and events as well!

Dogs of Petcube also get access to the newest tech products produced by Petcube! Perks for dog parents working at Petcube include pet sitting, dog walking, pet insurance, on-demand vet consultations, and a number of other perks included in the Petcube Care Membership Program.

Employees also rave about the benefits they receive, the quality of people working there, and the management staff, but are less thrilled with communication within the company.

20. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is made by Fifth Generation which was founded by Tito Beveridge in 1997 in Austin, Texas. Known by many for creating “America’s original craft vodka” but more pertinently as the “vodka for dog people”, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is one of the most dog-friendly workplaces there is.

The company as a whole is dedicated to the rescue and protection of animals and plenty of those animals spend every day at the offices and distilleries of Tito’s! While employees take in local strays and provide them shelter, the company also works with a number of animal charities too!

Photo credit: Kabbage

21. Kabbage

Founded in 2008, Kabbage is an online financial tech. company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Not only was Kabbage named the best place to work in 2017, but Kabbage is also a dog-friendly office where dogs are allowed to roam through office space and stop by employee stations for cuddles!

Kabbage is one of the many companies out there that understand the creative and health benefits of having dogs in the office for employees and it certainly shows in company reviews by current and previous employees on Glass Door!

Employees rave most about their catered lunches, the work-life balance, the genuine character of those working at the company, and the relaxed work environment. Employees are less happy with the way that they are valued as employees and the fast-paced work environment that tends to leave them behind.

22. LittleBits

Founded in September of 2011, LittleBits is an educational company that specializes in educational electronics that particularly target science and math skills. It’s not surprising that an educational company understands the benefits of having dogs in the workplace.

Not only are employees permitted to bring dogs to work, but the Little Bits blog also chronicles the adventures of Little Bits canine employee, Schultz “Schultzy” Hoffer. Employees also rave about the perks and pay that they receive at LittleBits, but they also seem greatly dissatisfied with employee management and a lack of job security.

Photo credit: Glassdoor

23. Glassdoor

Founded in 2007, Glassdoor is a company designed to help to match employees with jobs with companies that they love! While they provide inside information on more than 830k companies, Glassdoor catches our eye because every day they welcome more than 30 employee’s dogs at their Mill Valley, California headquarters.

Although Glassdoor has been welcoming dogs in their workspace since 2013, they also have designated “pet-free” areas for employees with allergies.20 Employees also rave about the positive work-life balance culture, flexible work hours, and the ability to work at home. They are less thrilled, however, with the constantly changing roles of each job title.

24. PetSmart

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, PetSmart is one of the most recognized company names in pet supplies. With over 1,500 stores nationwide this pet supply megastore has an office headquarters that is equally pet-friendly.

Employees are invited to bring their dogs to work every day, but they are also offered discounts on merchandise and dog grooming services and are given free training classes for their dogs.

PetSmart employees also love the positive environment and that they feel trusted and respected in the workplace, however, they are not as thrilled with the long hours they’re asked to work despite being part-time employees.

25. Radio Systems Corporation

Founded in 1991, Radio Systems Corporation began out of a radio fence company and grew to develop a number of other popular pet products. Now headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, this pet-centered company not only welcomes employees dogs in the corporate offices, but they also provide pet insurance through Pet’s Best, pay pet adoption fees, and provide a “Petsafe Village Discount” on services and products.

Employees love the generous PTO offered as well as the encouragement of work-life balance, but their biggest complaint of working at Radio Systems Corporation is their parental leave benefits.

Photo credit: Zoosk

26. Zoosk

Founded in 2007 in Fremont, California, Zoosk is an online dating service that serves more than 80 countries! Pet parent employees at Zoosk are invited to bring their dogs to work but in addition, every month, one special dog in the office receives an award!

We’re not sure what the award is for, but then again, does there really need to be a reason to give a dog an award? Employees also rave about the visionary leadership team working at Zoosk!

27. BigCommerce

Founded in 2009, BigCommerce is a technology company that develops corporate e-commerce software solutions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, BigCommerce also has branches in San Francisco California and Sydney, Australia.

Not only are employees invited to bring their dogs to work, but they are also given discounted pet insurance! Employees also rave about the competitive pay and great benefits, but they are less than thrilled with the inability of management to recognize the need for a work-life balance.

Photo credit: Latcha+Associates

28. Latcha+Associates

Founded in 1997, Latcha+Associates is an advertising, marketing, and production company headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan. A small company with just 230 employees, Latcha encourages their employees to bring their dogs to work.

The park-like campus in Farmington Hills is also an ideal spot for between meeting walks, or, with their outdoor wi-fi access, you could even hold meetings while you’re taking your dog for a walk at Latcha! Employees also rave about their insurance and health coverage benefits but aren’t as happy with the non-negotiable vacation day policy.

29. Vungle

Founded in 2011, Vungle is a technology company that created the leading performance marketing platform on the market today. Focused on delivering high-value users via engaging ads, Vungle also focuses on employee happiness which includes an inter-office exchange program with their other global offices.

Of course, what we love most about Vungle is that employees are invited to bring their dogs to the office. Employees also rave about the flexibility in their roles, the great leadership of the sales team, and having a fun workplace, but they’re not so thrilled with the long working hours required of employees.

The Humane Society of the United States
Photo credit: The Humane Society of the United States via Glassdoor

30. Humane Society

Founded in November of 1954, The Humane Society of the United States was developed to promote the humane treatment of animals and children. Headquartered in Washington, DC, it’s not surprising that this animal-friendly charity welcomes employees’ pets in their offices.

The job comes with the knowledge that you’re helping to create positive change for animals, but it also includes time off for pet adoptions and time off for pet bereavement! Employees rave about the availability of vacation time and the affordability of health insurance but are less enthused with company flexibility and parental benefits.

31. Addepar

Founded in 2009, Addepar, Inc. is an American investment management cloud-based technology company that also offers a financial software platform to their clients. In addition to allowing employees to bring their dog to work, the Mountain View, California based company allows employees time off for volunteer opportunities including volunteer time at animal-based charities.

Employees rave about the support for PTO and the work from home option, as well as three free meals a day and health and dental insurance. They are less excited about the lack of a 401k match.

Photo credit: MeUndies via Glassdoor

32. MeUndies

Founded in 2011, MeUndies is an e-commerce company that is dedicated to developing the softest, most comfortable underwear on the market. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, MeUndies invites company employees to bring their dogs to work.

Employees are also provided with charitable gift matching so donations to your favorite animal charities are matched, and employees are also provided with time off for volunteering! Employees rave about the PTO benefits and while previous employees complain of no 401k options, MeUndies has since put 401k plans in place.

33. Mashable

Founded in July 2005 in Aberdeen in the United Kingdom, Mashable is now headquartered in New York City, New York. A digital media website company, Mashable invites employees to bring their dogs to work and they also provide time off work for volunteering much like the Humane Society does.

Employees also rave about parental leave benefits, unlimited sick pay, great health insurance, and the 401k company match policy.

Photo credit: Refinery29

34. Refinery29

Founded in 2005, Refinery29 is an American entertainment and digital media company focused on young women. Headquartered in New York, NY, employees at Refinery29 are encouraged to bring their dogs to work and receive time off work to volunteer for charity.

They are very dog-friendly and the company offers plenty of benefits for pet owners working at Refinery29. However, some reviews show a number of employees who are unhappy with working at the company due to limited access to benefits and employees being classified as contracted employees. Good health insurance is a commonly cited benefit in positive employee reviews.

35. Trupanion

Founded in 2000, Trupanion is one of the most well-known pet insurance providers. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the company has between 201 and 500 employees and invites them all to bring their dog to work.

Unusually, Trupanion also allows employees to bring their cats to work too… we’re not sure how that would work out, but they seem to have it under control. Every cubicle in the office has a pet bed and blankets and there are also two puppy play areas where office dogs can interact with each other! Employees rave about feeling valued when working at Trupanion and the many bonuses and perks that come with the job.

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