Home Dog News These Naturally Shed Antlers Are a Delicious Treat for Your Dog

These Naturally Shed Antlers Are a Delicious Treat for Your Dog

These Naturally Shed Antlers Are a Delicious Treat for Your Dog
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Many pet owners don’t realize the benefits of buying their dog’s naturally shed antlers to chew on. Spizzles, a company that specializes in these antlers, knows the benefits for dogs and wants to educate their customers and other consumers about the many positive effects that chewing on these antlers can have on your dog.

Unlike other products that come from animals, consumers do not have to worry about the way that these antlers are obtained. It doesn’t get any more humane than using a product that has naturally fallen off of an animal. Spizzles only uses naturally shed antlers and they are incredibly nutritious and provide a long-lasting and safe chewing experience that all dogs will enjoy.

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These antlers are the perfect alternative to rawhide treats, which can be hard for canines to digest and they are also much safer than animal bones that can cause serious injury to your dog. Elk and deer antlers are packed with calcium, protein and phosphorous to keep your dog’s blood, bones, muscles, and nerves healthy.

These Naturally Shed Antlers Are a Delicious Treat for Your Dog
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Spizzles only sells top quality antlers that are found naturally shed in Canada and the United States. Antlers are typically 45% protein, 22% calcium, 11% phosphorous, 1% fat, and they also include trace elements of sodium, copper, zinc, magnesium, and iron.

Usually antlers in the wild don’t last very long because they are so full of nutrients that rodents and other small animals usually snatch them up very quickly. Spizzles antlers are all collected as fresh drops, meaning that they have been gathered in the last year.

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These antlers are perfect for puppies and aggressive chewers as well as large dogs because they last a long time and they don't splinter or chip like animal bones. Natural shed antlers are also great for dogs who suffer from allergies. No dies or preservatives are used on any Spizzles antlers.

Another great advantage of these antlers is that they are odor free and won’t have a negative effect on your dog’s breath. The hard texture of the antlers also helps clean the dog’s teeth, massage their gums, and, of course, exercise their jaw from all that chewing.

Like any other chew toy, the antlers come in many different sizes, and dog owners need to be sure they choose the right size for their dog. Spizzles natural shed antlers are available at many online retailers and on pet shop shelves in many different countries.

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