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New Celebrity Puppy Alert!

New Celebrity Puppy Alert

If there’s anything we like more than celebrities, it’s got to be their dogs. Wait until you see Anderson Cooper’s new puppy Lilly – she is melting hearts around the world! Of course, getting a puppy is always exciting, but Cooper went through a devastating loss before he adopted Lilly.

Cooper lost his loving dog, Molly, not long ago. She was a big part of his life and he posted pictures with her on Instagram frequently. We all felt his pain when he lost her, knowing how hard it can be to lose a pet.

Molly was a Springer Spaniel, which is a loving and sweet breed with extra soft fur. They make great cuddle buddies and companions. Now Anderson has a new Springer Spaniel named Lilly who is almost too adorable! She is white and brown, and I can tell Cooper is already in love.

New Celebrity Puppy Alert

If you’re a dog lover, you might want to follow Lilly on Instagram just to add a smile and some warmth to your day. It’s inspiring to see someone as famous as Anderson Cooper taking time out of his busy life and important tasks to show love to nature’s creatures. He clearly hasn’t lost touch with nature, and hopefully his relationship with animals inspires others as well.

Springer Spaniels are a medium sized dog from England. They have short legs and cute long ears. They were originally retriever dogs which makes them alert and spunky. They come in all different colors and at most will weigh about 55 pounds.

Don’t be surprised if after looking at these pictures of Lily and Anderson, you are inspired to add another member to your family.

Springers want to be with their owners all the time as if they are a part of the family. They love lots of exercise, and because they are highly intelligent, they are easy to train. Seems like Anderson chose a great breed! They even get along well with other dogs.

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New Celebrity Puppy Alert
Photo: Instagram / andersoncooper

Anderson had his dog Molly on his show Anderson Live, and the public was also aware when she passed. Anyone that is having trouble mourning the loss of their own dog might be inspired by Anderson’s story.

He was willing to get another dog and make a new friendship. Overtime he will have the opportunity to be there for Lilly and she will be there for him.

Puppy’s have a way of mending the heart and healing our emotions. They are full of love and oblivious to problems. Puppies will always be there to greet you when you’ve had a tough day and make you smile. They are the perfect example of a good friend, because they show unconditional love. Puppies don’t take what you say personally, and they are always happy to finish your plate.

Lilly is already famous because of her celebrity daddy who has 679,000 followers on Instagram. Hopefully more people will use their fame like Anderson is to show their bond with animals. Many celebrities attribute a large part of their happiness to their pets, and they aren’t afraid to admit it.

What other celebrity pets do you love? We would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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