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This New Jersey Shop is Known for Their Homemade Dog Food and Treats

This New Jersey Shop is Known for Their Homemade Dog Food and Treats
Photo: thehungryhound.com

The Hungry Hound Dog Bakery and Boutique, located in Somerville, New Jersey, certainly lives up to its name. They feed lots of hungry dogs every day with their unique treats and homemade food. Their dog treats look and smell delicious, even to the human nose, and since they are homemade with healthy ingredients, they are much better for your pooch than most commercial products.

Owner Penny Milligan says that between the bakery and the boutique, the shop now offers a wide assortment of dog products. She also says that each one is well researched because she wants to make sure her shop caters to the health and well being of dogs. This year the establishment is celebrating its 12th anniversary.

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Milligan says that it wasn’t until she was coming up on her 40th birthday that she decided to “fetch” her dream and open a store for dogs. She never had dogs as a child, but once she got her first dogs as an adult she was hooked. After losing two of her labs to cancer she decided to create her own line of healthy dog food and treats.

This New Jersey Shop is Known for Their Homemade Dog Food and Treats
Photo: thejerseydoggy.com

She did some extensive research on the best ingredients for canines and then she started experimenting. Milligan started out by making healthy homemade treats for her two Labrador retrievers and then she started giving the treats away to her neighbors as well. The response was so positive that she decided to open The Hungry Hound in 2003.

Now she makes food for dogs that comes in a meatloaf form in addition to her homemade treats. The dog food is made from nine different proteins, along with certified organic vegetables and herbs. She also makes birthday cakes, cupcakes, and ice cream for dogs.

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Milligan has loyal customers that come from all over the state to purchase her products. In addition to her unique canine bakery creations, the store is also filled with all kinds of distinctive products for dogs like plush toys in the shape of cigars, puzzle dog toys, plush champagne bottle dog toys, and all-natural, healthy chews.

The Hungry Hound also carries organic supplements and natural flea and tick remedies. Shoppers will also find great gifts for dog lovers like T-shirts, coffee mugs, and picture frames. Milligan also stocks a variety of unique collars, harnesses, and leashes. She says that she tries to bring in things that can’t be found in big box stores, and she likes to support other small businesses, which is what a large majority of her vendors are.

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