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New Technology Calms Your Dog and Helps With Anxious Behavior

New Technology Calms Your Dog and Helps With Anxious Behavior
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Many dogs suffer from anxiety which can cause them to misbehave and even take a toll on their health. Pet Acoustics, a pet product company based in New York, has developed a new device to help ease your dog’s anxiety and calm their anxious behaviors.

The device, known as the Ultra Calmer, is a collar device that is pre-loaded with frequency-modified Ultra Calming Music that is created specifically for dog’s hearing abilities. It can calm dogs with separation anxiety, but is best used to help dogs suffering from sound triggered anxiety including fireworks, thunderstorms, and other environmental noises.

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The product is designed to provide immediate relief using the specific music tones. Since the device is placed on your dog’s collar, the tones are within close proximity to the dog’s ears. It will play continuously for up to three hours. The Ultra Calmer is equipped with the company’s Safe Volume technology so the music will sound very low to humans, but will be just right for your dog.

New Technology Calms Your Dog and Helps With Anxious Behavior
Photo: petproductnews.com

The Ultra Calmer comes in a range of sizes from small to extra-large. It is water resistant and has an included USB charging cord. The device is simple to use, and can be turned on at the first sign on agitation. All dog owners have to do is press the power button and adjust the volume level according to their dog’s size. The music will start automatically.

After just a couple of minutes, owners will notice their dog begin to calm down. Shaking, pacing, panting, and other signs of anxiety will begin to go away. The device fits on any size collar and is very easily adjusted.

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Pet Acoustics is a company that has performed breakthrough research on the hearing sensitivities of animals, and they’ve created a line of products that are approved by veterinarians and clinically tested to promote pet wellness. Their most popular product is the Pet Tunes Bluetooth speaker and they also make a Kid Tunes speaker that offers music tailored to pets and kids together.

The Ultra Calmer isn’t available just yet, but dog owners can pre-order the product on the company’s website. They will also be releasing the Pet Acoustics Duo soon as well. It is a Bluetooth wristband speaker for dog owners who walk, run, or just like to relax with their pet.

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