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This New Technology Gives Your Dog a Voice

This New Technology Gives Your Dog a Voice

At one time or another, we've probably all looked over at our canine companion and wished we knew what he was thinking. Is he sick? Does he need more exercise, food or water? Well now thanks to a new technology called Tracy, our pooch can make known what's going on in his body.

Sound unbelievable?

This artificial intelligence is a matchbox-size device that simply fits onto your dog's collar. However, what it can tell us is beyond amazing. Tracy can track your dog's health, moods, feelings and more. Plus, it's built in GPS can track your dog anywhere he goes, giving you peace of mind that you'll always know right where your pet is located.

This New Technology Gives Your Dog a Voice
Photo: Indiegogo / Tracy

You can also set up a “Safe Zone,” so if your pooch wanders beyond that preset, Tracy sends an alert to your phone to let you know. Tracy has been designed to take in many components of your dog's health such as when he needs to be more active, when he needs to go to the bathroom, when he's feeling ill and when it's time for him to eat.

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In addition, this gadget can be set up according to your dog's own particulars like breed, age and weight. Plus, Tracy will learn more about your dog the more your pet wears it. It can even be set up to automatically alert your veterinarian; perfect for dog's with chronic illnesses.

This technology is also great for setting goals for your canine like weight loss or gain, as well as playtime and walks. Basically Tracy is here to alert you when something is amiss and to reassure you when all is well – no more guessing means less worries for busy and devoted pet parents.

This New Technology Gives Your Dog a Voice
Photo: Indiegogo / Tracy

Another fantastic feature of Tracy is that the collar has the longest battery life of any tracker ever made. This device can go 6 months before it needs to be recharged. Plus, it powers from 0% to 100% in only three hours!

What about those breeds that just can't stay out of the water? Tracy is fully sealed and waterproof without even a bulky protective cover. It can repel spills, splashes, dunks and even full out dives!

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The makers of Tracy are so sure you will want to share this experience with other pet parents, they have set up a way for you to get your Tracy for free! Just purchase the tracker, then go to Indiegogo and set up an account. Once finished you will receive your own url where if you refer anyone to the Tracy Tracker and they accept, you will be reimbursed 50 dollars. Refer five people that buys a Tracy and you will have paid nothing!

Although, Tracy is still in the process of being produced, the company already has more than the projected funds needed through their Indiegogo campaign. With this in place, they hope to start shipping their product throughout Europe in October of 2016 and the rest of the world by January of 2017.

If you want to keep your pet safe and stay ahead of any of those health problems that could otherwise sneak up on you and your pet, get a Tracy Tracker today. It's more than just a nifty device, it could save your pet's life.

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