Has your dog been suffering from dry and itchy skin lately?

Have you observed flakiness and redness around your pet’s body and want to do something about it?

Skin conditions are common in dogs and can be serious and debilitating, often leading to hair loss and hot spots.

That is because of the skin irritation and inflammation caused by excessive scratching.

Now, what can we do to make this situation better?

Oatmeal baths are an effective at-home remedy to rejuvenate your pet’s fur by providing sufficient hydration and nourishment to their skin.

But how do we make this secret solution? What are the benefits, and how do we know if an oatmeal bath would be a suitable course of action?

This is everything we’ll address in this blog post today. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Oatmeal Bath for Dogs: Ingredients

The best thing about home remedies is that you’re very likely to find the required essentials in your kitchen already.

This means you can skip rushing to the store and begin preparing the formula at your discretion.

Here, we have compiled a list of things you’ll need to give your furry buddy their much-needed oatmeal bath:

dog oatmeal bath ingredients

Ingredients and Other Essentials

  • A cup of plain oatmeal (the amount may vary, depending on the size of the dog)
  • Warm water
  • 2-3 drops of chamomile essential oil or lavender for extra hydration (optional)
  • 1 cup of high-fat milk to make the texture dense and creamy (optional)
  • Blender/food processor/grinder
  • A bathtub

See? You most probably have the elements lying at your home right now.

Or even if you don’t, go and get them right now because we’re going to move on to the next fundamental process: a step-by-step guide on how to formulate the perfect concoction to soothe your pet’s skin.

Dog Oatmeal Bath Recipe

Now that we have gathered everything, it’s time to set up the pre-bath preparations. First off, take a deep breath and relax.

Giving your dog its first oatmeal bath may seem intimidating, but it’s really just a simple process that won’t be much different from regular baths.

Once you feel calm and ready, follow the instructions below.

Note: You’re doing a great job as an owner, and we assure you that your dog will feel much better after the bath.


  1. Use your food processor or blender to grind the oatmeal into a fine powder. You may use your devices on the highest setting to ensure an effective and consistent texture.
  2. Stir one tablespoon of the powder into a mug filled with warm water. Then check if the oats grounds absorb the water.
  3. If they’re absorbing the water, congrats, you’ve made the right mixture. Another tip to check is to see if the liquid seems milky and smooth.
  4. But if it's not absorbent and doesn't seem to have a stable consistency, don't worry. All you need to do is put it in the blender again and repeat the process until you get a milky and creamy mixture.

How to Give Oatmeal Bath for Dogs

How To Give a Dog an Oatmeal Bath

So, now that the bath is ready, it’s time to get to the final part: giving your pooch its first oatmeal bath.

It’s important to remember that dogs are naturally curious and may try to lick or eat the oatmeal as you apply it.


  1. Pour the oatmeal powder into warm water and stir evenly.
  2. Fill the tub as much as your dog is used to. This may vary depending on the size of your pet. Generally, most will be alright with the water as high as their stomach.
  3. Gently put your dog into the tub.
  4. Use a cup or pitcher to pour the water all over their body.
  5. Gently apply the oatmeal solution over the body, focusing on the affected dry and itchy areas.
  6. Let your dog soak in the water for about 10-15 minutes.
  7. You may massage the oatmeal onto their skin while you wait.
  8. Use warm water to rinse off the oatmeal solution.
  9. Dry off your dog with a towel. We do not recommend using a hot hair dryer as it may dry out the skin further. Brush through the fur to remove any remaining residue.

And there you have it! The oatmeal bath is now complete.

You will notice your dog’s skin looking more moisturized afterward.

Spot Treatments With Oatmeal Baths

Oatmeal baths are an effective at-home remedy to treat dry and itchy skin for dogs.

This is because oatmeal contains anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that can help hydrate the skin and reduce irritation.

Now, the quantity and density of the oatmeal may vary depending on the intensity of dryness.

There’s no need to give your Pooch a whole bath during the freezing winters. You can switch to a spot treatment to heal the affected area only.

All you need to do is:

  1. Use the blended oatmeal recipe discussed above
  2. Add water
  3. Make sure the paste looks thick and dense
  4. Apply it directly on the affected area
  5. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes
  6. Rinse and dry

It is important to remember that while oatmeal baths are effective for treating minor itchiness, they are not a substitute for veterinary care.

You can incorporate it into your dog’s grooming routine during winter for skin hydration during the dry season.

But we do not recommend using oatmeal baths to cure serious skin conditions and diseases.

These include bacterial infections, endocrine imbalances, or if your pet has fleas or a yeast infection.

In this case, contacting a veterinary professional will help get an early diagnosis and treat the problem early on.

Check out this YouTube video for a visual guide to making an oatmeal bath for your beloved pet:

Qualities of Oatmeal Baths

Oatmeal is a natural and organic product known for its “multifunctional characteristics and nutritional profile.”

Dermatologists have long used it in curing various skin conditions since its introduction in 1945, especially for dry and itchy skin.

This is because its soothing and hydrating properties nourish the skin and give it a soft and supple glow.

It is also worth noting that as its innumerable advantages became evident, its addition to formulations of cosmetic products also started.

These included shampoos and shaving gels, to name a few.

But what makes oatmeal such a powerful ingredient, and what can we gain with its usage?

Should you add this potent element to your dog's grooming routine, and why?

Let’s find out in the section below!

1. Anti-inflammatory

Oatmeal contains compounds such as avenanthramides and phenols that help reduce skin inflammation and redness in dogs.

According to a journal article by Mohsen Meydani, oats “exhibit anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, and anti-itching activity, which may provide additional protection against skin irritation.”

2. Moisturizing

Oatmeal has a high percentage of starch and beta-glucans that help with protecting the skin and water retention.

In simpler words, they help moisturize the skin and form one of the most fundamental ingredients in moisturizing creams for dry and sensitive skin these days.

3. Anti-itch

Oatmeal has been used as an anti-itch remedy for centuries now.

According to a report by Mohsen Meydani, oatmeal helps reduce “histamine-related skin disorders like itching, redness, and wheals.”

Giving an oatmeal bath will soothe your dog’s skin through hydration, making it less itchy.

leila Labrador after a bath

4. Soothing

Oatmeal is an organic and gentle ingredient, which makes it an effective homemade remedy for dogs with sensitive skin.

Its moisturizing and healing properties will help soothe your pet’s dry and flaky skin.

5. Cleansing

Did you know that itchy skin can be a result of dirt, debris, and excess oils from the skin?

Oatmeal is a gentle cleanser that helps remove all impurities, improving your dog’s skin texture and condition.

6. Gentle exfoliation

Oatmeal baths gently remove the dead skin on your dog’s skin and coat.

That helps it serve as a natural exfoliation process for your dog’s soft and smooth skin.

7. Non-toxic

Dogs are curious animals, and your pet may lick or eat some of the formulae you have made for their bath.

This can be dangerous if the remedy is a chemical-based medication.

But since oatmeal is a non-toxic ingredient, it is unlikely to cause any harm, even if licked or ingested.

8. Skin protection

The composition of oatmeal baths helps hydrate and moisturize the skin, contributing to its softness and supple quality.

This is because of its role as an emollient and natural anti-inflammatory.

Also, its neutral pH helps restore the skin's natural balance.

All this helps improve the skin and hair texture by reducing itchiness and flakes and also protects it against dirt, debris, and potential health concerns.

Oatmeal Bath for Dogs

When To Avoid an Oatmeal Bath

An accurate diagnosis is essential for effective treatment.

Identifying and understanding the root cause of the problem may help determine the best possible remedy for the health concerns.

It is important to remember that home remedies such as oatmeal baths for dogs may not apply to every concern.

Here we have compiled a list of five major causes for why your dog may be suffering from dry or itchy skin and when giving them an oatmeal bath would be a suitable course of action:

1. Allergies

Allergic reactions to food, pollen, and flea bites may lead to dry and itchy skin.

But before settling on oat baths as a potential remedy, ask yourself if the condition seems minor or grave.

If it looks treatable at home, go ahead. But if the skin is extra-flaky and critical, contact a veterinary professional immediately for expert advice.

2. Parasites

Fleas, ticks, and mites can irritate the skin and lead to excessive itchiness or dryness.

An oatmeal bath may help soothe the skin through its anti-inflammatory property.

3. Environmental Factors

Changes in the temperature, such as hot and cold weather, may contribute to skin problems among dogs.

An oatmeal bath here can help revive the skin through hydration and nourishment.

4. Skin Infections

Fungal, yeast, and bacterial infections can cause skin irritation and dryness. But oatmeal baths may not be the most suitable decision here.

They may aggravate the itchiness instead of minimizing it.

We recommend taking your furry buddy to a veterinary professional and asking them for advice as per the diagnosis. It may be that the condition requires medication instead.

5. Hormonal Imbalances

Did you know that hormonal imbalances such as hypothyroidism can also result in dry and flaky skin? Yes, that is right.

Can an oatmeal bath help with this? Well, there may not be an objective answer for that.

It all depends on the breed and the severity of the dryness. While it may help revive the skin, it can also dry it out more.

Overall, oatmeal baths are most effective for environment-based dryness and itchiness.

While it may also help alleviate irritation caused by other factors, there’s no objective metric for measuring when it might worsen it.

We recommend talking to the vet about the symptoms your dog has been experiencing and allowing them to examine the form of dryness before trying to treat it at home.

Oatmeal Bath for Dogs: Conclusion

Oatmeal baths are an effective homemade remedy that will leave your dog’s skin feeling rejuvenated, hydrated, and nourished.

They may even soothe the inflammation caused by common skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

But we recommend identifying and understanding the underlying cause of dryness before treating your beloved doggo at home.

Every dog has its hereditary predisposition to react to various ingredients differently.

For example, while an oatmeal bath may be great for environmentally-based skin dryness, that may not be the case for one caused by a bacterial or fungal infection.

Oatmeal baths are not substitutes for professional veterinary help and guidance.

We only suggest them for minor conditions that are treatable at home. They are by no means applicable to all forms of skin conditions.

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