Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews Uses Dual Technology To Reduce the Formation of Plaque
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Last month Merial announced the United States launch of OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for canines at the American Veterinary Medical Association annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. The company claims that the chews use an exclusive dual-action technology to significantly reduce the formation of halitosis, calculus, and plaque at their source.

It’s been proven that many canine dental issues could be prevented through home dental care and regular veterinary dental care, but still most owners do not provide their dog with either of these options. Likewise, most pet parents also mistake common signs like halitosis (more commonly known as bad breath), calculus (also known as tartar), and drooling as normal, consequently missing the earliest indicators of dental issues.

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Oravet dental chews provide an easy-to-administer, unique option for at-home dental care that is specifically designed to help pet owners comply with veterinary recommendations. Each chew releases delmopinol, an innovative compound that was originally developed for human dentistry and has been exclusively licensed to Merial for use in the veterinary field.

Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews Uses Dual Technology To Reduce the Formation of Plaque
Photo: oravet.com

The compound creates a barrier that prevents bacteria from attaching to the gums, teeth, and tongue. This inhibits the production of biofilms that form bad breath and plaque. Chewing the dog treat also helps scrub away any existing tartar and plaque buildup. The company claims that the chews are highly palatable, and they say studies have shown that when they are taken every day they show a 53 percent reduction in bad breath, a 42 percent reduction in plaque, and a 54 percent reduction in tartar compared to dry kibble alone.

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The company does not recommend feeding any dog more than one OraVet chew per day, and they say that when they are left out the chews will harden, so any uneaten treats should be thrown away and not saved for later use. They also stress the importance of regular veterinary teeth cleanings in addition to feeding your dog their chews.

Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews can be given to dogs over 6 months of age and are offered in three sizes based on the dog’s weight. The small size is suitable for dogs 10-24 pounds, the medium size is for dogs 25-50 pounds and the largest size is for dogs over 50 pounds. They are only available through veterinarians. OraVet even offers a vet finding tool on their website for pet owners that do not have a primary veterinarian.

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