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Review: Original Territory Travel Blanket for Dogs

Sometimes when I travel with my dogs I feel like I pack more for them than I do for myself. We have to bring food, bowls, chew toys, a dog bed…the list goes on and on. Since we've been using this Travel Blanket for dogs from Original Territory, it's been much easier to pack up all their stuff and hit the road. It's a comfortable bed for them and a convenient tote for me all in one!


We do a lot of camping and hiking with our dogs, and this is a great accessory to have. We typically keep it right in the car, so whether we stop for lunch in the park, hit a hiking trail somewhere or take a road trip to visit family, our girls will have a comfortable place to sleep.

I received this product in the middle of the week, and didn't even open the package until the weekend. We were going on a short hike and I thought we could at least bring it along to test out with our dogs. Well, we tried it that day and loved it so much that we've used it almost every day since. We even use it when we're sitting in the backyard watching the kids play on the swings.

Original Territory Travel Blanket for Dogs Review

Original Territory Travel Blanket for Dogs

I really didn't know how much we would use this travel blanket for dogs when we first got it. I thought we might take it when we went to visit family, but I didn't realize how much every day use we'd get out of it. Like I said, it's great just for hanging out in the backyard.

Our dogs are, well, spoiled. Our little beagle doesn't mind sleeping on hard floors, but she's a puppy so I'm sure she'll grow up to be just like the other two. They don't like to sleep on anything that isn't soft and cozy. That's why this blanket comes in so handy all the time.

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It measures 31 inches by 38 inches, which is the only thing I don't like about it. It only comes in the one size, and I'd like it to be a bit bigger. It's great for one dog, but our dogs love snuggling together, so it'd be great if it were available in a larger size. As you can see, our boxer fits perfectly on the blanket. She weighs about 55 pounds.

If you have an extra large breed, he would surely not be able to fit his entire body on this travel blanket for dogs.

The dark blue side of this travel blanket for dogs is made from water resistant material. The other side is a soft fleece that your dog will love to snuggle up on. It's made with durable materials and the stitching is solid. Our boxer loves to “nest” and it stands up to all her scratching, pulling and spinning around.

Original Territory Travel Blanket for Dogs

As you'll see in my video, you can fold this blanket into a convenient tote in about 10 seconds. It has a comfortable carrying strap and large pockets on either side. There is also space inside the tote to put your dog's toys, food bowls, leash and other necessary products. It's available in two colors: navy and green or brown and orange.


Original Territory has two product lines for pets. This travel blanket for dogs is from their Adventure line. This is a line geared toward the outdoorsy dog. The products are durable and the colors are neutral. Their Modern line includes products made with brightly colored fabrics. The line ups include towels, leashes, dog toys and a lot more. To see the entire product line, check out Original Territory's website.

You can purchase this travel blanket for dogs from the company's site for $35. Obviously that's more expensive than most travel blankets for dogs, but it's also better quality and much more convenient. You won't have to struggle to fold this blanket up and keep it together while you're carrying it. The Velcro strap on either side keep it securely together while you cart all your belongings to your destination.

Summary of Original Territory Travel Blanket for Dogs Review


  • Folds into a convenient tote with a large pocket on either side for storing your dog's accessories
  • Made with high quality, durable materials
  • Water resistant material on one side and soft fleece on the other
  • Suitable for small, medium and large breeds


  • Not suitable for extra large breeds or multiple medium/large breeds
  • More expensive than most travel blankets for dogs, but much better quality and more convenient

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original-territory-travel-blanket-for-dogs-reviewThe Travel Blanket from Original Territory folds easily into a convenient tote. It's ideal for camping trips, days at the beach or just relaxing in the backyard. It can be used indoors or outside.