Owner Abandons Dog Inside Car On A Scorching Hot Day To Buy Pet Food
Facebook / Kam Bam
Excessively panting dog abandoned in a car on a scorching hot day gets rescued by good Samaritans while owner left him to buy some pet food.

In hot weather, the temperature inside cars can shoot up to deadly levels. That’s why leaving anyone in a car without air conditioning, even with the window open, is heavily discouraged and can result in severe injury and even death. In some countries and U.S. states that's also illegal.

Kaz Bam was going about her business outside of a Coles supermarket in Byford, Perth, on a casual Saturday morning when she noticed something very wrong. It was just around 11:30 in the morning and the sun was raging outside. Temperatures were hitting 35 degrees Celsius, or 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

What did Bam see? An innocent pet dog stuck inside a car and left alone! Bam immediately knew she had to help the pup. Along with another passerby who noticed what was wrong, Kaitlyn Murphy, as well as a third worried male witness, Bam tried to see what could be done to help the dog.

Luckily, the car door was unlocked and the strangers were able to team up to open the door and get him out. They brought him outside, and Bam when to get water for the poor hot pup to drink. It must have been a huge relief to him!

Dog rescued from a hot car
Facebook / Fire and Rescue NSW Lidcombe

The dog’s owner soon returned and was surprised to see three total strangers with his dog outside of his car. They berated him angrily, and also went on to report what happened to the RSPCA. According to the poor pup’s owner, he had ducked in to buy dog food in the supermarket and didn’t think he’d take long. He apologized for his mistakes to the trio, according to Yahoo.

Within just ten minutes, the temperature inside a car can double even on not-very-hot days, leading to heatstroke and fatalities. Although the owner didn’t mean to harm his dog, his ignorance on what is typically a commonly known fact is reason enough for anger. His pup could have been severely hurt!

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