part giraffe puppy returned

A puppy, described as “part giraffe,” was returned to RSPCA just only two days after moving into its supposed new home.

Fidget is an eleven-month-old Lurcher mixed-breed dog who was looking to find a place that it can call home.

rehomed puppy returned
Fidget, an eleven-year-old Lurcher puppy, came back to RSPCA two days after it was rehomed. Photo credits to RSPCA

Before it followed its foster family to the new home, Fidget was first rescued as a stray and struggled to adapt to the shelter's kennel environment.

Fidget was also transferred to foster care for four months until the dog was arranged a supposed foster family for it.

But two days after rehoming the dog with its new family, Fidget was immediately returned to RSPCA Macclesfield, South East Cheshire, and Buxton Branch.

A statement that came, presumably from a foster home read: “Fidget came into one of our wonderful foster homes after Derby RSPCA appealed for help—they took Fidget in as a stray from another rescue back in November.”

“But he was getting really frustrated with kennel life. They were advertising him, and he was adopted but came back after two days for no apparent reason,” the statement continued.

Fidget is an extremely intelligent and affectionate dog with superb stamina at its disposal.

The statement even remarked: “Lurchers are generally very active and Fidget is no exception.”

“Fidget also makes a fantastic running partner. He is incredibly high energy in the morning and needs at least two bouts of 30 minutes of exercise per day,” the statement continues.

Fidget is still very malleable to training and responds well to positive reinforcements where there are a lot of treats and praises involved.

puppy returned to shelter
Fidget, casually lounging in RSPCA. Photo Credits to RSPCA

Some of the games that Fidget would play are sniff and lick mats, ‘touch’ training, and activities to keep him engaged and entertained.

But due to his previous lifestyle as a stray, Fidget hasn't got the chance to socialize with other dogs.

“Any owner who is dedicated to his continued improvement and has the time and resources to commit to Fidget would be lucky to have him,” the statement adds.

Fortunately, his details and information are now in the charity's rehomed folder, signifying that Fidget has finally found a permanent home.

If you are interested in rehoming and adapting animals, you can head over to RSPCA's “Find a Pet” section to browse the huge list of dogs in the shelter.