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Review: Paws2Go Dog Potty Training Assistant


Does your dog scratch or bark when he wants to go outside? Is he ruining your front door or just driving you crazy? The Paws2Go Dog Potty Training Assistant connects to your smartphone via a free app and notifies you when Fido needs a bathroom break.

A lot of dogs learn to scratch at the door when they want to be let out, but this does destruction to the door as well as the wall and frame around it. There are some house training aids available to help avoid this situation. Dog Doorbells, also known as potty bells, are one of the most common.

Paws2Go Dog Potty Training AssistantPotty bells can be helpful to alert you to your dog's needs. But, what if you don't hear the bells? Your dog may scratch on the door in an effort to get outside. He may also have an accident on the floor while he's waiting for you.

Paws2Go Dog Potty Training Assistant is a device that reduces the likelihood of you being unable to hear your dog's beckon for help. They are using technology to help dogs communicate with their owners, and I was excited to try their device with my dogs.

Paws2Go Dog Potty Training Assistant Review

Paws2Go Dog Potty Training AssistantAs I mentioned, the Paws2Go device connects to your smartphone via an app that is free to download on Android or iOS systems. You can connect to the device on your smartphone, tablet or even an Apple Watch.

Basically, you place the device on the floor near your door or attach it to the wall. Then, you'll need to train your dog to touch the surface of the Paws2Go Dog Potty Training Assistant whenever he wants to go outside.

Paws2Go Dog Potty Training AssistantThe entire top surface of the device is a touch sensor. It's pretty easy to get your dog to use it, as long as he is food motivated. As I demonstrate in my video review, I just place a small treat on top of the sensor. When my dog comes over to eat, she activates the device.

Once activated, the face of the Paws2Go lights up to give your dog a visual cue that you are on your way. You can also record up to 10 seconds of audio to give Fido an audible cue that you are on your way.

One thing I don't like about this product is that there is no ‘off' switch. You'll notice this in my video review. It's not a big deal, because you're probably not going to handle the device very often. But, whenever you do, your recorded audio will play.

Paws2Go Dog Potty Training AssistantI just place the device on the floor, but you can also mount the Paws2Go on the wall. In my video review I show you the mount attached to the back of the device (which you can also see in the photo on the left). You can screw that to the wall and attach the device if you choose. It measures 5.8″W x 5.8″L x .8″H.

The Paws2Go Dog Potty Training Assistant runs on 3 AAA batteries. It is NOT rechargeable. It comes with 3 batteries to get you started. You can purchase the device for $39.99 on Amazon right now.

Keep in mind that this product is for indoor use only. You may be able to get away with using it outside if you have a covered porch and the temperature stays fairly consistent.

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