Stop Door Scratching With PoochieBells


Dog scratches on your door are unsightly and constantly need to be fixed. Barking is annoying, disruptive, and loud. But how else is your dog supposed to tell you they need to go out? Now they can use PoochieBells, an innovative and original potty training doorbell for dogs.

Bell training is an effective way to allow your pet to communicate with you in a pleasant manner. PoochieBells are designed and handcrafted in the United States and you can purchase them in a number of durable materials including bamboo webbing and leather.

The original PoochieBell comes equipped with two sets of bells; one down low for smaller breeds and one up higher for medium and large breeds. Now they've also created a longer version for teacup breeds and timid dogs. Each PoochieBell comes with easy to follow bell training instructions as well.